Capcom update on Mega Man Legends 3. Be a part of the game.

"Capcom updates gamers with more details on Mega Man Legends 3, including when gamers can sign up to be a part of the development team."

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LarsoVanguard2900d ago

Thank god this is finally going to happen.

The only bad thing about MML3 coming out is that I'm gonna have to buy a 3DS to play it. Here's hoping it will be worth it!

kesvalk2900d ago

buying a 3DS is not a bad thing...

LarsoVanguard2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Just bad because of the money that I will have to spend. Oh well, should be worth it.

RockmanII72899d ago

If MML3 isn't worth it, I'm sure one of the other 2.7 million games coming out for that thing will be

MidnightGamer92900d ago

I'm so signing up for this! A chance to work for Capcom if even for a few months? Awesome!

GeorgeAnimal2900d ago

Yeah 3DS looks like it will be quite the premiere platform.....MML3 is perfect for it.

firithdil2897d ago

Couldn't agree more. I can't wait for this.

SweetCheeks402900d ago

I think I'll pass on signing up for this one...I wouldn't want to blow the competition out of the water for everyone else...LOL.

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