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10 Video Games That Never Saw the Light of Day

179d ago - Console Monster writes: "Following the reveal of a major game, social-networking websites are buz... | Xbox

7 Cancelled Games as Tragic as Silent Hills

277d ago - There are a lot of games that are lucky to be released. Others...not so much. | Industry

Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

Everybody" at Crytek UK wants to work on TimeSplitters

575d ago - There's been plenty of negative press about Crytek of late, so here's a ray of sunshine to balanc... | PC

TimeSplitters 4 To Deal Final Blow To Xbox One

707d ago - TimeSpliiters 3 was the last of the series, released in 2008 on Xbox, PS2 and GameCube it was hug... | PS4

TimeSplitters Co-Creator Doesn’t Think “There’s Any Chance” We’ll see TimeSplitters 4

929d ago - PlayStation LifeStyle: ''We may not have had a new TimeSplitters game since Future Perfect back i... | Xbox 360

Games That Need a Comeback: Timesplitters

1043d ago - Modern day first person shooters fail to capture our imagination like Timesplitters did. Laura te... | Culture

Franchises We Want Revived Next-Gen

1053d ago - Eskimo Press: With the transition into the next generation we’re hoping that we’ll see plenty of... | PC

Interview: 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4

1083d ago - Oprainfall interviews a group trying to raise awareness for a TimeSplitters revival. | Culture

Out of time: the Free Radical story – Part Two

1110d ago - Free Radical’s story continues as Haze development stumbles, and a deal with Lucasarts marks the... | Xbox 360

Out of time: the Free Radical story – Part One

1111d ago - Born from GoldenEye 64 developer Rare, Free Radical Design’s story is a long and complicated one.... | GameCube

It's About Time: The Interminable Wait For TimeSplitters 4

1129d ago - GamesAbyss writes: "As an industry, gaming is unavoidably fraught with unexpected delays, can... | Culture

Former Free Radical staffers on what happened to TimeSplitters 4, lack of publisher interest

1171d ago - TimeSplitters 4 was officially revealed in 2007. A year later, developer Free Radical Design went... | Wii

Where, Oh, Where Have All The Bots Gone?

1180d ago - Aaron talks about the lack of offline multiplayer options in this console generation's shooters,... | Xbox 360

Stop teasing, Crytek - give us Timesplitters 4

1181d ago - OXM - Besides one of last generation's best-loved games, Timesplitters 2 is probably the only fir... | Culture

Crytek: "We'd love to do TimeSplitters"

1223d ago - NowGamer: Crytek producer Peter Holzapfel admitted that the studio would "love to do" a TimeSplit... | Industry

Timesplitters 2 HD once planned for digital release, Killer Instinct HD also considered

1223d ago - OXM UK - "A HD version of Timesplitters 2 was once in the works, former Free Radical and Rare emp... | Xbox 360

Why Timesplitters 4 Needs to be Made

1275d ago - TGC writes: In a perfect world, I would be sitting playing Timesplitters 4 rather than sitting he... | Xbox 360

‘Timesplitters 4 interest isn’t high enough yet, surprises may come soon’ – Crytek

1280d ago - Crytek’s Cevat Yerli has revealed to VG247 that, although the studio is aware that many people wa... | Xbox 360

Interview With Daniel Wesoly of ’100K Strong For TimeSplitters 4′

1326d ago - Blain O Neill wrote: "Ever since Crytek’s Ceo Cevat Yerli mentioned that there was little hope o... | Culture

Timesplitters 4 to be free to play?

1327d ago - Cevat Yerli, founder of Crytek, has stated that the next game in the Timesplitters series could b... | PC

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Interview with Timesplitters 4 campaigner

1328d ago - Fancensus finds out why Timesplitters fan, Daniel Wesoly started a Facebook group to try to convi... | Industry

Here's why we need TimeSplitters 4

1329d ago - PSU's Mike Harradence writes: "Chances are if you were one of the PlayStation 2’s early adopte... | PC

What are the Odds of a 'TimeSplitters 4' Kickstarter?

1330d ago - After garnering a wave of attention for acknowledging the 'TimeSplitters 4' Kickstarter movement,... | PC

Crytek's “The Best Kept Secret in Shooters” Statement Exaggerated? - Nick's Gaming View Episode #67

1393d ago - "Crytek hypes "the best kept secret in shooters" despite leaks of Crysis 3 and talks of TimeSplit... | Nintendo DS

7Bit Arcade's E3 Wishlist

1439d ago - Ruaidhri looks at some of the games he hopes will come out of this years E3 Show. Halo 4, Timespl... | Xbox 360
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