Xbox head Don Mattrick promoted

Microsoft has promoted Xbox boss Don Mattrick to president of its Interactive Entertainment Business.

Mattrick joined MS in 2007 to lead the company's Interactive Entertainment Business as senior vice president. During his tenure the global Xbox 360 install base has swelled to 42 million units, while Xbox Live now has 25 million users.

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SillySundae2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

... the same person?

Gratz to him

Blacktric2666d ago

Keener doesn't look like a pedophile when she smiles. Good for him though.

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HeroXIV2666d ago

I wanna slap his stupid monkey face. Nah, just kidding. Can you imagine. He alright.

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Monkey5212666d ago

He looks like a professor I had. The guy was a douche bag who always smiled even when insulting you,....... (that bastard)

Theonik2666d ago

Come one just be happy for the guy!
That said his self applauding on E3 is really annoying.

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Droid Control2666d ago

have you seen his mug at E3?

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The story is too old to be commented.