Setting Up Kinect Is Like Preparing For A Date

Vacuum your floors. Reduce background noise. Make sure you have adequate lighting. Are we playing video games here or hoping to score? This Xbox Live video shows the steps needed to ensure a pleasurable Kinect Experience.

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MrMccormo2912d ago

Yes, preparing for a date with awkward conversation (she won't recognize a lot of the things you say), sore legs (you won't be able to sit down during the date), and a disappointing finish (she doesn't like to put out anything hardcore).

D4RkNIKON2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

I thought it was funny when they mentioned calibrating the audio, and said not to put the Kinect on top of the Xbox to reduce background noise.

Here is the Article image. Funny stuff

8-bit2912d ago

6 to 8 feet of run way, 4 to 5 feet on the sides.. Even Lighting.. No clothes and stuff on the floor.. No background noise..

When I play with my Move, I don't need to clean up, move furniture, tell my friends to shut up or even play with the lights on. Most of the time I game it is night time and even lighting is hard to achieve.

Why o why2912d ago

the only thing i need to do is to clear the crap from in front of the camera

KingME2912d ago

Anyone try and set up eye pet yet?

beardpapa2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

no kinect in my living room then since I'm not moving a heavy glass coffee table out of the way just to have enough cleared area to play. better for the bedroom areas or in living rooms with no coffee tables ;-p

Nitrowolf22912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

this takes more space then i thought

Genesis52912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

KingMe. I set up eye pet last night. Took the camera of the top of the TV and set it on the TV stand and pointed it at the floor. Done.

3XP2910d ago

Then you TV stand must be 12-18 inches off the floor. Most people run the cables behind their TV to prevent clutter. I set it up also and kingme is correct, you must have bright lighting, move you camera almost to the floor, and there are areas that you are not allowed to cross into.

Quite the pain in the ARSE.

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Blaze9292912d ago

these developer diaries are actually pretty cool. But man, this thing requires a LOT of space. Does Microsoft think people only play their Xbox 360's in the living room?

Even if I wanted it now, I won't even have enough space to play the damn thing.

Imperator2911d ago

Exactly, it's like MS is doing everything possible to make Kinect even crappier than it already is. The only people that will be buying this are the same people with an IQ of less than 70 and the same people that love Twilight and Justin Beiber.

Moonboots2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

"and a disappointing finish "

Maybe for you.. Speak for yourself..

awkward, sore legs and disappointing finish?

Sounds like you need to be putting down the video games fella and work on your game.. :)

TheTwelve2911d ago

This is HILARIOUS. I'm cracking up something serious at these comments.

I swear, if KINECT actually succeeds...then I know nothing about the videogame industry.


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Pillville2912d ago

"Setting Up Kinect Is Like When Your Mom Makes You Clean Your Room."

Fixed to better suit the target audience.

protekjv2912d ago

instead of; "Go clean your room!", is now going to be "go play KINECT".

amrasmord2912d ago

What is this thing? "Date". What a strange word.

KillerPwned2912d ago

Damn that is a lot to have to do just to play a game.....weak

karl2912d ago

yeah well.. at least if there was a game worth the effort

they are all just so boring that they cant even be called playing a game...

HeroXIV2912d ago

Get ready guys... IGN, Gamespot, CVG, NowGamer, Cnet, GT, Giantbomb, etc... They're all going to give Kinect 10/10 as a hardware device. :|

I'm offline the day kinect comes out (partly because of the above, mostly because of GT5).

tacosRcool2912d ago

Cuz all those companies get nice goodies for reviewing any MS exclusives. You wait and see, a perfect 10 even because they will say even though the tech is awesome, gameplay not that great = 10

Imperator2911d ago

Yea, if they do that I will lose all hope in the gaming industry. It is undoubtedly clear the Kinect is a piece of overpriced crap. From what I've seen and tried out, it's no more than a 6/10 and that's being generous.

R_aVe_N2912d ago

That is not cool at all. My game room is huge and I still could not pull this off. All my console stations are beside each other for ease of use, and to make room for the pool table. With the Move and Wii mote i can just pick up and play this is really lame.

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