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Setting Up Kinect Is Like Preparing For A Date

Vacuum your floors. Reduce background noise. Make sure you have adequate lighting. Are we playing video games here or hoping to score? This Xbox Live video shows the steps needed to ensure a pleasurable Kinect Experience. (Kinect, Xbox 360)

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MrMccormo  +   1797d ago | Funny
Yes, preparing for a date with awkward conversation (she won't recognize a lot of the things you say), sore legs (you won't be able to sit down during the date), and a disappointing finish (she doesn't like to put out anything hardcore).
D4RkNIKON  +   1797d ago
I thought it was funny when they mentioned calibrating the audio, and said not to put the Kinect on top of the Xbox to reduce background noise.

Here is the Article image. Funny stuff http://videogameblogger.org...
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8-bit  +   1797d ago
6 to 8 feet of run way, 4 to 5 feet on the sides.. Even Lighting.. No clothes and stuff on the floor.. No background noise..

When I play with my Move, I don't need to clean up, move furniture, tell my friends to shut up or even play with the lights on. Most of the time I game it is night time and even lighting is hard to achieve.
Why o why  +   1797d ago
to be fair
the only thing i need to do is to clear the crap from in front of the camera
KingME  +   1797d ago
oh the irony
Anyone try and set up eye pet yet?
beardpapa  +   1797d ago
no kinect in my living room then since I'm not moving a heavy glass coffee table out of the way just to have enough cleared area to play. better for the bedroom areas or in living rooms with no coffee tables ;-p
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Nitrowolf2  +   1797d ago
this takes more space then i thought
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Genesis5  +   1797d ago
KingMe. I set up eye pet last night. Took the camera of the top of the TV and set it on the TV stand and pointed it at the floor. Done.
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3XP  +   1796d ago
Then you TV stand must be 12-18 inches off the floor. Most people run the cables behind their TV to prevent clutter. I set it up also and kingme is correct, you must have bright lighting, move you camera almost to the floor, and there are areas that you are not allowed to cross into.

Quite the pain in the ARSE.
Rrobba  +   1797d ago
This exactly.
All_4_One  +   1797d ago
Blaze929  +   1797d ago
these developer diaries are actually pretty cool. But man, this thing requires a LOT of space. Does Microsoft think people only play their Xbox 360's in the living room?

Even if I wanted it now, I won't even have enough space to play the damn thing.
Imperator  +   1797d ago
Exactly, it's like MS is doing everything possible to make Kinect even crappier than it already is. The only people that will be buying this are the same people with an IQ of less than 70 and the same people that love Twilight and Justin Beiber.
Moonboots  +   1797d ago
"and a disappointing finish "

Maybe for you.. Speak for yourself..

awkward, sore legs and disappointing finish?

Sounds like you need to be putting down the video games fella and work on your game.. :)
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TheTwelve  +   1796d ago
This is HILARIOUS. I'm cracking up something serious at these comments.

I swear, if KINECT actually succeeds...then I know nothing about the videogame industry.

Pillville  +   1797d ago
"Setting Up Kinect Is Like When Your Mom Makes You Clean Your Room."

Fixed to better suit the target audience.
protekjv  +   1797d ago
instead of; "Go clean your room!", is now going to be "go play KINECT".
amrasmord  +   1797d ago
What is this thing? "Date". What a strange word.
KillerPwned  +   1797d ago
Damn that is a lot to have to do just to play a game.....weak
karl  +   1797d ago
yeah well.. at least if there was a game worth the effort

they are all just so boring that they cant even be called playing a game...
HeroXIV  +   1797d ago
Get ready guys... IGN, Gamespot, CVG, NowGamer, Cnet, GT, Giantbomb, etc... They're all going to give Kinect 10/10 as a hardware device. :|

I'm offline the day kinect comes out (partly because of the above, mostly because of GT5).
tacosRcool  +   1797d ago
Cuz all those companies get nice goodies for reviewing any MS exclusives. You wait and see, a perfect 10 even because they will say even though the tech is awesome, gameplay not that great = 10
Imperator  +   1797d ago
Yea, if they do that I will lose all hope in the gaming industry. It is undoubtedly clear the Kinect is a piece of overpriced crap. From what I've seen and tried out, it's no more than a 6/10 and that's being generous.
R_aVe_N  +   1797d ago
That is not cool at all. My game room is huge and I still could not pull this off. All my console stations are beside each other for ease of use, and to make room for the pool table. With the Move and Wii mote i can just pick up and play this is really lame.
jack who  +   1797d ago
i didnt have too do those too get my kinect working
LarsoVanguard  +   1797d ago
Because you don't have one.
jack who   1797d ago | Personal attack | show
skip2mylou  +   1797d ago
a still picture doesnt mean anything, if you wanted to prove ur right record you actually playing something
jack who  +   1797d ago
haters still gona hate
Lavalamp  +   1797d ago
And liers gonna lie brosef. Seriously, that looks like it came from a trailer and you took a picture of it.
gamingdroid  +   1797d ago
It is a optional step to ensure Kinect doesn't have to work as hard to track you.

It is not a requirement like a lot of people would like others to believe. If you actually watch the video, that is what it is presented as an no means a requirement.

A huge lawsuit would ensue if MS doesn't list their requirements clearly on the box!
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slutface  +   1797d ago
Soooooooooooooo many things to do before being able to play something. No wonder why Nintendo and Sony passed this POS.
alb1899  +   1797d ago
So easy to find articles in n4G that talk bad about Kinect, 360, HALO................why?
8-bit  +   1797d ago
This article is from Kotaku, the 360 loving GT5 hating website. Also the video is straight from MS and Major Nelson himself.

@tiamat5, they will be crying victim next year as no exclusives come out for 360 but Gears 3 and a bunch of Kinect shovel games
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tacosRcool  +   1797d ago
Most website still dis the PS3 and more and more site are stating that PC gaming is dead. What next...
btk   1797d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
tiamat5  +   1797d ago
Very easy to find articles dissing PS3 too even after all these years. Whhhhyyyyy??????!!!!! 360 people are always playing the victim.
alb1899  +   1797d ago
maybe you are blind!
Darkspade  +   1797d ago
It's because you are on a PS3 fanboy Forum
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TheOldOne  +   1797d ago
just wow. Kinect is an even bigger POS than i thought it was.
EasilyTheBest  +   1797d ago
Yeah its terrible isnt it...
All you have to do to play a game...
Please tell me your all having a laugh and are not serious...
If Kinect give you a Solid Gold Bar every time you played it you guys would find something wrong with it...
"Awwwww bleeding hell, the Kinect keeps filling my room with gold bars now, I av to take them down the dam bank every week its terrible..."
Xephon08  +   1797d ago
don't you think the bank would question where the gold bars are coming from, you'd be arrested, violated, violated again by the cops, not fun.

jk jk, people are getting upset because MSFT gives vague statements, they don't show much game play, and more and more publications are criticizing it.

it would suck to spend 150 take it home and have a bad experience because your house just doesn't let you enjoy it. we'll see when it comes out, but so far the news has been negative.
BigKev45  +   1797d ago
I'll be skipping out on Kinect.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1797d ago
The disagreers think you will be buying it I guess. lol
Xephon08  +   1797d ago
so you need to have a clear gaming space, it shouldn't be too much of a problem for a supermom family where her house is spotless and her kids are so castrated they don't move, but we all know that if your friend gets this and you're over there you will do all you can to cause him/her grief. Yelling pause, waiving your arms, throwing a cat/dog/fish/bird/human at TV, running in front of him/her butt naked.

In all honesty i want to see what this has to offer in terms of games, not even hardcore games, but games that are actually fun, not PS Eye ripoffs, they claim it can do amazing things, i want to see that, i want to see a non-gimicky game that uses the technology, allows you to have fun with out looking like a total moron, and just works. Personally i think its needs more innovation, but we'll see.
divideby0  +   1797d ago
I am not buying Kin. this year...price drop and REAL games will get me interested next year.

I just LMAO watching this vid.... only thing funnier was MS comparing it to the DC accessory...

MS marketing team so far is getting a major FAIL. They are not doing anything to promote this accessory in a good manner

psst.. nice placement of the coffee table.. cant make this stuff up
mrdxpr2  +   1797d ago
well good thing ms showed this now might help people clear some stuff out or help in there decision .. this is 2 much work like really.. what if a person has a table in the middle that means everytime they want to play kinect in family they will have to move the table tsk tsk..
edgeofblade  +   1797d ago
Perhaps Kinect can clear the runway and you can use Move to land a plane...
horris36  +   1797d ago
At this point I rather buy move than Kinetic.
Moonboots  +   1797d ago
Well, as a Move owner prepare to have the same recommended requirements for the EYE.
-X-  +   1797d ago
thats a lot of space you need to play
My console is set up against the wall and I sit about 4 feet away from my T.V, and I also sit against the wall...If i had a 360 I wouldn't buy connect because my gaming space is pretty small. I'm interested to see how this does. Personally I don't like that many games using motion controllers. A Full Body controller is definitely not for me.
Introspective   1797d ago | Spam
shadyiswin  +   1797d ago
Stop bitching.
You all are upset over the requirements even though you don't want one. Pointless, like someone previously stated, Microsoft has to put requirements on the box to avoid lawsuits. Like I said before look at the E3 booths, heck st macy's your only 4ft away. If you have room to play wii bowling or the 10 people who have sport champions, you have room for the kinect, but then again your all sony fan boys afraid kinect will destroy this holiday which it will, what does sony even have for this holiday? Lol I can't wait to see gt5's underwhelming numbers.
nygamer28  +   1797d ago
well done....some peole need to watch the video,i tried kinect in macys in nyc,i was 3 feet away and it work fine
blumatt  +   1797d ago
lol If you really think GT5 will do anything less than 3 million within the first two months, you're crazy. "underwhelming numbers" my ass!
zenghangyu4   1797d ago | Spam
ZILLA  +   1797d ago
MOVE on!!
i picked up the MOVE on friday cause my son passed him test and we havent put the damm thing down.i cant belive how REAL everything feels with it.if you want motion control get the MOVE,its sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
Moonboots  +   1797d ago
Did you really just shill for Sony and Move in a Kinect article?

I hope you are at least getting a free wand out of the deal. I'm glad your son passed "him" test and hopefully he turns out a bit more intelligent than good ol' trolling dad here. Your grammer kills my eyes. I can understand a mistype here and there but you have a real mess going. (j/k)

I do agree that Move is fun however.
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Moonboots  +   1797d ago
And how is this any different from the EYE camera I use for Move??

Answer: It's not!!

The same requirements like 6ft, even lighting, a clean area where you can move and not trip over stuff?? And these are optimal requirements. Just like with Move I can get away with about 5 feet and some dim lighting.

I hope people aren't trying to slam Kinect with this because that is some weak stuff right there. Did people expect to play motion games in a closet or bathroom?? Even after the Wii has been out for how long now?
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Hades1337  +   1797d ago
It's the same amount of space that you need to play a Wii. These steps pretty much go without saying, but obviously some people still find something to bitch about.
Supman   1792d ago | Trolling | show

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