9.5 Halo Reach Review - A Noble Effort

Nick de Bruyne of writes:

The Halo franchise has always gone hand in hand with Microsoft’s Xbox brand. The first of the series helped launch not only an entire console, but the Xbox live service as well.

It’s a no-brainer then that Bungie’s swan song as a first party developer for Microsoft would be regarded as the largest Xbox 360 release of the year, with a massive following already set in place and a successful series of titles behind it.

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Ognipode2857d ago

I don't know if Reach is the best of the series (for it's time I mean) but I seem to be having more fun with this one than any of the ones before it.

GavinMannion2857d ago

I am dying to play this game but apparently my copy has been shipped to Brazil of all places...

Now I just get to sit here complaining about it instead of enjoying it.