Crysis 2 To Surpass The First Crysis In “Every Way Possible”

It’s been almost three years since the first Crysis was released on PC and not too many games have been able to destroy computers the way that game did. Crysis 2 is due out next year and many wonder if it will surpass the first game. We all know it won’t reach it’s full graphic potential on the PS3 and 360, but what about the PC?

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dangert122927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Multiplayer for this game looks lame so do the sound effects sound lame bullets etc
only thing this game has going for it is grahics and lets be honest crytek over hyped them

yeah i heard the single player was the + for crysis if you wanted multiplayer they'd play something else aswell was said

Kreyg2927d ago

I had a chance to play the Multiplayer back at PAX, it wasn't too good. It seems like they are trying to copy the COD formula and take the Multiplayer more mainstream than it was with the first game.

The first game had a pretty decent story and single player campaign. I hope the second one really does surpass the first.

Downtown boogey2927d ago

The first one's SP was a directionless mess with good gameplay and comprehnsive play areas. Now that they've hired a writer and hopefully better designers, the game should be exponentially better.

xDSJxPyro2927d ago

Well let's hope it is A LOT more optimized the Crysis. That was a piece of ass, and took a shit load of power to run. I don't really care much about this game though, just one of those Meh games for me.

Anon19742927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Did anyone actually play Crysis? I gotta say, for years I've always heard "Oh, Crysis! Crysis, crysis!"
I've seen the screenshots, I know it's a great looking game, but I never felt compelled to play it, and I don't actually know anyone else who played it either. I just came to this realization recently with the buildup to Crysis 2. You never hear in the forums anyone saying "I hope they change this in the next game. I liked this feature and hope they do it again in the second. Something about the story was never resolved, I wonder if they're going to do this..."

Did anyone actually play the first Crysis?

Pandamobile2927d ago

It sold like 3 or 4 million copies (retail), so I imagine a few of the people who bought it have played it.

lolzers2927d ago

I bought it, played it and loved it. From the forums I've been on plenty of other people have done the same. I don't know what forums you've been on.

Letros2927d ago

I played it, I went into it expecting what everyone said about it, all graphics and no gameplay. For me personally, Crysis was a game I couldn't put down until I beat it, and my jaw was on the floor for the entire time. Maybe sandbox shooters are not for everyone, I'm not a big fan of the linear stuff that everyone loves today, so I could be biased.

hoops2927d ago

Many played it. Still playing it.
It's a great FPS. The issue some people have with the game is its a sandbox type FPS game not a corridor shooter 'follow the carrot' that you get with most if not all console FPS games today.
The people complaining most about Crysis are console only owners who do not have a capable PC

popup2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Most people just ran the benchmarks while dipping their computer in liquid Nitrogen(tm) to imagine what the game would look like in 4 years time without liquid Nitrogen(tm).

The only reason Crysis was so far ahead of the rest:- it had all the detail turned up to 400%. Big deal? We will see just how much so now they have some static platforms to perform on maybe (which is good)

If I released a Pixar quality render engine that took 24 hours to draw each frame of the 'game', would everyone exclaim that I had made 'the best looking game evar!'? Yep!........ and then they would dip their computers in liquid Nitrogen(tm) and boast of 23hr 36min render times.

There comes a time in every computer fans life that they simply just get over this pointless penis comparison competition and get on with playing games. Just don't dip your penis in liquid Nitrogen cos that is not cool, it's freezing.

moe842927d ago

Well said.

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Tommykrem2927d ago

Yeah, I agree. And they should definetly surpass the number of trees, Koreans and islands in the second game. If they don't do that, Crytek are full of liers. Then again, we've heard that PC and PS3 will be pretty much the same, 360 and PS3 will be pretty much the same, but that PC will look better than console. Either way, some of them are liars.

Also, almost every time a developer says "Hey, check out this feature in this game" Crytek is there to say "nevermind that, it's more awesome in our game. Look at it, look at it, look at it!" but they've never really shown anything. They critize the story in a lot of FPS games, but so far Crysis 2's story seems to take dull to new heights.

I'd be more excited if Crytek didn't seem like such assholes. Crysis 2 i unlikely to be a GotY competitor, and they should realize that.

hoops2927d ago


plb2927d ago

Wonder which will have the better graphics, this or KZ3? I'm referring to crysis 2 for ps3 of course.

ColdFire2927d ago

I guess KZ3 on PS3, but Crysis 2 overall due to PC.

Akagi2927d ago

Are you Captain Obvious, ColdFire? It's pretty obvious the PC version will be much better looking than the console.

DelbertGrady2927d ago

In that case probably Killzone 3. PC version of Crysis 2 will look better of course but that's not a fair comparison considering the specs of a modern gaming PC.

imvix2927d ago

You won't need a modern pc to out do what the ps3 will do on killzone 3, a 3 year old pc will be enough.

plb2927d ago

Not necessarily true. You'd need a good graphics card still and don't forget PS3 uses cell tech.

buffig2927d ago

So what kind of money are we looking at for a year old PC to be able to outdo the PS3? Predicted recommended specs will be a good core 2 duo, with a decent GPU and 4gb of ram. I don't know about the US, but in the uk you're looking at £500 at least. Even then I wouldnt be confident of it running as well as it does on PS3.

imvix2927d ago

Ps3 will be running the game in 720p which isn't jaw dropping at all. Any dual core with a 70-80 usd worth gpu will out perform the PS3.

talltony2927d ago

but guess what we will never know because it is a ps3 exclusive.

buffig2927d ago

my personal experience with crysis 1 and warhead is completely the opposite of this. I built a £500 PC with a Core 2 Quad and a Radeon HD4850 with 4GB and it didnt perfrom anywhere near like I expected. Don't get me wrong, it ran OK but not aswell as ive seen the PS3 running crysis 2

iamgoatman2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )


More like a 2.6Ghz dual core, 8800GT/9600GT and 2GBs of RAM, which should be easily enough to out-perform the console versions. You'll be running it mostly on medium settings, maybe a couple on high, but it will still look a lot better than the PS3 version.

Edit: Yeah, 2GB should be plenty.

buffig2927d ago

2GB of RAM, are you serious?

Letros2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Why did you expect a quad core to run Crysis better than a dual core? That was probably the biggest flaw of the game for performance, it doesn't use more than 2 cores, if you look at benchmarks you will see 4 core optimized games run significantly faster than dual core ones (Far Cry 2, Metro 2033, GTA IV)

Crysis 2 will use up to 8 cores on PC(AMD Bulldozer anyone?)

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niceguywii602927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

You think KZ3 is on the same level as CRYSIS 2
Sony boys panic when somebody says the new C2 will outshine the first so they go into auto SDF mode matching up PS3 games to the best. KZ3 is not on the same level.


nycredude2927d ago

Dude I am sick of all you haters and retards who suck crytek's d*ick all day. I play Crysis on absolute max settings at 1080p and while it looks great it not the god of graphics you guys claim it to be. You can still find low rez textures and the Ai suck balls. The game is kind of boring and unfocused. Yeah it's a good game but not great and the graphics are a bit overhyped.

Killzone 3 might not beat Crysis 2 on Pc but on Consoles it will for sure. You can bet on it. If you think otherwise then you are hopeless.

Now run along and find something else to do beside sounding like a total fantard all the time. LOL

hoops2927d ago

Actually Crysis 1 is the god of graphics with the exception of Metro 2033. There still is no game on any console and the PC(Metro 2033 excluded) that looks like Crysis.
For every so called low res texture you find in Crysis 1 I can find 20 times as much in Uncharted 2, God3, KZ2, Gears 2, Mass Effect and just about every console game.
Why? Blame that on 512megs of total ram these consoles have to deal with when worrying about high resolution textures.
That's why you always get a mixed bag of sorts in all console games.

Substance1012927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I could link you to a 500usd PC that will run circles around the ps3. 800usd is a lot.

Using an 800usd as an example is like comparing a ferrari to a kia, why would you want to do that? when a mercedes will be enough anyways.

Persistantthug2927d ago

I'm not interested.

I'm not gonna spend 500 or 600 bucks and get a POS computer.

But some links nycredude.

Substance1012927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Well it doesnt take a high end PC to out perform the PS3.. a dual core is more then enough. so remind me again why is the PC crappy all of a sudden when its above the level of PS3 game play?

sure you could go all out and get a 1000usd or 2000usd PC, however even while being economic PC is still superior to any console.

Persistantthug2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

If I'm gonna have to go to a PC, where I won't get that, the least I can do is get really good graphics, not "marginally better"....otherwise I should just stay where I'm at.

It's a "go big or go home" mentality....but If I'm gonna spend a nice chunk of change, I want it to be good, not crap, and might as well spend the extra 2 or 3 hundred or so, if that's what it takes to get something good.

Substance1012927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Well you shouldnt be complaining in that case. Since a PC at 500usd wont be marginally better, in fact it will max out any of this generations games. If you are not happy with a 500usd maxing out games then there is no way a console will keep you happy with far sub par graphics.

Now if you are thinking of gaming beyond 1080p then i agree you may need to spend 800usd or so. Then there are some of us who would like to play at 5760*1080p aka eyefinity, hence PC fits the bill for every size.

In the end its great the PC platform offers such versatility and great performance at many different price points.

Persistantthug2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Again, I'm not gonna give up my ease of use, trouble free and comfort (bed, couch, another room), I'm gonna need more than 720p.

So I'm asking you if you can show me some computers that I can get that.

But in truth, I pretty much know the answer to what I'm asking and I know the outcome.

For me, personally, I prefer console gaming to PC gaming. I don't hate PC gaming, but I prefer the higher productioned games, the exclusives, ease of use, location versatility (I like playing from my bed), and trouble free gaming that consoles bring.
It also doesn't suck that with the PS3 I can get a bluray player on top of all that.

Everyone has a PC.....but for me, consoles will always deliver the best experience for me.

But again, it's not realistic to compare a $300 console to a $600-800 (or more) PC

Substance1012926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

again mate you are comparing an MG to a baseball bat then complaining about the price. 500usd PC outperforms consoles. if you are happy with the performance a 300usd console delivers then there should be no reason to complain about the PC, since a 500usd PC of today will max out almost any game. Most of the AAA games are out on the PC.

Liking the console because of its exclusives is another matter. PC has its exclusives too.

Persistantthug2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

exclusive AAA games to be to the point.

In 2009, PC had 1 AAA exclusive game (Empire: Total War).

Now with 2010 about 75% over, PC platform has had 2 AAA exclusive as well (Starcraft 2 and Civ 5).

I'm sorry, but the truth is, PC's don't deliver the best of "the hot sh17" so much anymore....that's what I see.

PC can still offer plenty of fun, but not like consoles do....not anymore, especially since Consoles are pretty much computers anyways.

Because of rapidly evolved tech, that was always bound to happen, I guess.

No problem, there's fun to be had on all platforms.

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butterfinger2927d ago

it will definitely surpass the first Crysis in terms of sales, since it's releasing on consoles as well as PC now.

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