Kinect for Xbox Demos in Tokyo, We Talk with a Skeptical Expert

All eyes were on Microsoft at the Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Messe this weekend, as the company was featuring the new Kinect for Xbox motion controller system, formerly known as Project Natal. The Xbox booth occupied a mammoth chunk of real estate on the show floor, with multiple demonstration areas set up to give Tokyo a look at this fancy new toy.

So what do the experts think? When Gizmag spoke to renowned sensor technology specialist Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa of Tokyo University, he expressed great skepticism about a system with such a slow camera, saying that 60 Hz is not fast enough to capture a fast kicking motion.

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TheOldOne2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


the expert said it

'renowned sensor technology specialist Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa of Tokyo University'
he is more than just "some random person"

units2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

i think we should let digital foundry to shed some light on the final code

@TheOldOne i missed that part but i still reckon we should wait and see

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2887d ago

Do u even know who the digital foundry is!? Its a guy who used to work on a magazine called Mean Machines, he got fired and started taking screenshots of games.

He's about as much an authority on gaming technology as I am on shaving.

btk2887d ago

His screen capturing tech is quite good. When you can do the same - then mouth off at him.

number472887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Honest to god.. a miracle that Kinect is Demo'd somewhere and actually works???

Its been "wait and see' since Milo & Natal's fake staged presentations.

Hilarious.. he said he and his team already did this in 2002 better.. lol.

Edit: And they've shown more accurate gameplay with a webcam than Kinect ever has.


YoshiMeetsU2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Have you demo'd it live?? I have and it works so it must be some voodoo magic they are using. I've demo'd both Ricochet and River Rafting and it read every kick and jump I did.

Are you really talking about that Atari 2600 looking game? Yeah, I bet Kinect would be great if you made a Vector game with it..

No disrespect to the professor but has he tried it or is he just basing it off of his COMPETING patent? Does this guy know all the in's and out's of the hardware and software?? Hardware, maybe, but not the software.

MS has talked about rolling demo's into all the Best Buys so everyone can get a chance to actually demo it before they buy it. It's not like you have to go into the purchase blind.

Triella2887d ago

Well he obviously knows what he's talking about, even Sony with the Eyetoy knew that you had to have a camera running at least at 60 fps to accurately track fast motion. And don't forget PrimeSens motion camera was tracking at 60fps too before MS downgraded it to cut corners.

8-bit2887d ago

The PSeye can do 120 frames per second max, usually around 60 in most games. Kinect can do 30 frames per second. FACT

Bigpappy2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Kinect camera can work at 60 FPS. It is the same camera used by primesense. Even the professor knows this.

You can always tell a Fanboy who has N4G as the only scource of news. Do a bit of research before labling RUMORS as facts.

Here are the facts:

number472887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Waiting for what still stands.

All you can come back with is that you tried rafting and another boring webcam game, which is all they've shown not working. Sure, for some reason its working perfectly *wherever* you are, but no video of it exists online without it failing hilariously.

Graphics aren't everything Yoshi, jokingly, webcam tech's been out, and is working better than natals tech-demo's ever have been. I'd be shocked if Kinect could even pull off that atari game at 30fps.

Yeah, you go ahead and argue with a professor, and engineers that say minimum is 60fps... ill watch and laugh even harder.

MS's has talked about a lot, but has shown absolutely nothing.

Microsoft themselves spec the camera at 30 fps guys. Its not the same tech as it was.

Kinects failure is the most amazing disaster I've seen in gaming since the Activator, or Powerglove. Its just non-working to explore new ways to game. Since its new ways are already done.


Data Streams
320x240 16-bit depth @ 30 frames/sec
640x480 32-bit [email protected] 30 frames/sec
16-bit audio @ 16 kHz

anything else? Or does some dude on n4g know more than Microsoft does about their own products?

8-bit2887d ago

@bigpappy Where does it say that it's kinect that they are referring to? Seems to me like it is similar but what you showed me doesn't say that it is kinect.

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niceguywii602887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

We'll wait for the games I'm not going to buy into a traditionally resistant region that are very proud of their Japanese gaming brands. Clearly there is a group of people not happy the Japanese loved Kinect at TGS hence the lack of reporting yet the increased hating.

number472887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

And know for a fact no demo of kinect has worked as advertised.

You know for a fact there are no Kinect games as of TODAY that show off the hardware..

You're waiting for nothing. This is amazing, I'd say the first time in gaming history. Theres literally no substance behind Kinect/Natal. Outside of "waiting" for something that claimed to be able to revolutionize but hasn't shown anything at all.

LOL, so what is it.. the Japanese are resistant to non-japanese things.. or they LOVE(Microsoft Sponsored party) Kinect?

Such nonsense.

mrv3212887d ago

And yet APPLE and AMERICAN company is SELLING well in Japan. Strange that.

Maybe Japan likes quality products that don't just provide shooters.... just saying.

Trroy2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Japan likes apples. Just sayin'.

Fujis are in season right now, actually.

Seriously, though, there is some truth the "Japan doesn't like foreign goods" quips. Japanese youth doesn't mind foreign stuff so much, but older generations of Japanese folks -- namely the ones in charge of purchasing for retail chains, in this case -- are not so hip on foreign stuff.

Japan has a long, long history of national pride interfering with their foreign relations, from politics all the way down to personal matters. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

morganfell2887d ago

number47 you are wasting your time.

Check post histories. They explain a great deal concerning why people ignore the obvious.

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DatNJDom812887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

says this is revolutionary (as well as many "media" people) and the japansese professor had this in 2002 running @ 1000 fps. So much for revolutionary....... LMAO!

Disagrees? Really? If u see the video he has it running and it looks like its WAY more responsive than kinect. Ya sheep gotta stop eating the bullshit m$ serves you.

YoshiMeetsU2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Do you know the distance between a prototype and a working commercial product??

It is a LONG way. Demoing a game my Razer cell phone can play and brag about 1000fps is one thing but having a full fledged working game on it is another.

I wonder if his version will be $150. Anyone have a release date for his super magical 1000fps tracking system?? No.. Didn't think so.

DatNJDom812887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Well downgrade is an understatement. but hey if ur willing to pay 150 or watever the price is for a camera that isnt even gonna work as promised then more power to you i guess. I really noticed something this generation about a large number of gamers. they settle for faulty hardware. this is showing companies that they can release half assed shit and the majority of gamers will eat it all up. This gen will be called the stuck on stupid generation. we got people paying for online. People buying half assed gimped games. thats how 360, activision make their profits. They arent even trying anything new. They are just saying lets rehash the same crap over and over, these idiots will buy it. Dont be surprised if either company (m$, activi$ion, EA, ubi, Sony) starts asking for subscriptions per game. I wonder how many rocks will pay for modern warfare 3. Quite a few i predict.

And by the way, "Do you know the distance between a prototype and a working commercial product??" it's difference not distance. Im not sure if English is your first language or not, but just in case it isn't, I wanted to correct you so now you know. If it is your first language then damn son you need help.

tinybigman2887d ago

if an expert told them the skinny on this then i'm inclined to believe him. maybe M$ should of gotten him to do this project instead of sunglasses boy.

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units2887d ago

shame those girls dont come bundled with kinect

cpt_kaos2887d ago

least those girls wont lag if we took one home. ;)

GamerPS3602887d ago

This is just wrong direction on gaming. Both move and kinect is utter crap. I guess, I have to just stick with PC.

Close_Second2887d ago

...but no one is forcing Move/Kinect on anyone. They are motion control alternatives. And to be honest I love the Move and so do my kids and it certainly offers something that PC gaming does not have.

DigitalRaptor2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Believe me, Microsoft will be forcing this thing on everyone come November 4th. "It's the future"! They will say.

But that's clearly not the case.

There's nothing I hate more than the spreading of lies and misinformation to others.

fight4love2887d ago

Japanese guy confirmed lag basically

plb2887d ago

Countless videos have already demonstrated the lag so it's not really anything new except some Japanese guy confirming it.

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