Gearbox: Making Pigs Fly, Robots Dance, and Why They’re Just Getting Started

On Friday, September 3rd, Gearbox Software dropped a bomb on the gaming world when they announced that they had shown up to PAX 2010 with Duke Nukem Forever. So naturally, Ripten cancelled all of our appointments so we could talk to some of the men who are bringing back Duke.

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Matronedea2898d ago

This game looks insane. I kind of hope it's AO. After all, it is Duke Nukem...

Sandwich Bender2898d ago

After waiting so long, it almost feels as if an AO rating is necessary.

pustulio2897d ago

I hope they don't tune it down so it gets Mature or even Teen.

I want to play games at their finest not like some that needed to be tuned down so kids can go and buy it.

wicko2897d ago

Problem is that the AO titles can't be sold in Gamestop/etc so it would be the death of the game. But I read in an interview that they said it would be as close to an AO rating as possible.

Mista T2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

They don't want an AO rating, its kind of like videogame hell because of how impossible it is for the game to sell well because of the rating.

no doubt they'll be pushing the limit for rated M

but anyway, you guys should check out the thread on the DNF official forums, hilarious stuff. it's about demanding for the DNF demo :P


jaredhart2898d ago

Q: When is Duke Nukem coming out?

A: When Pigs Fly.

Gearbox can make Pigs Fly.

N4GAddict2898d ago

I still can't believe Duke Nukem Forever is actually coming out.

aselah2897d ago

It only took 10 years. Hopefully it will be worth all that time.

wakash2898d ago

lol, good shit..this game is gonna be sweet

CrzyFooL2898d ago

"Randy gets cut short as we’re approached by a homeless man begging for change . . . Randy reaches into his wallet and gives him a dollar."

To me that speaks volumes about Randy and Gearbox.

kaveti66162897d ago

I once gave a woman who claimed to have lost her house in a fire the entire contents of my wallet - 25 bucks. Later I regretted it because my friend said she was probably lying and was a meth addict.

Giving homeless people money might not be a good idea.

aselah2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

:) Always Bet On Gearbox

T9X692897d ago

Agreed. Ever since Borderlands launched Gearbox climbed a very high list to one of the top spots on my favorite developers list. I'm glad they are the ones making it and I don't doubt them one bit. This game will be great, even if its not everything people have been waiting for, for 10 years, it will still be amazing.

pustulio2897d ago

Same here.

Since Borderlands i have a whole different perspective of Gearbox, without doubt they are one of my favorite developers.

mrcash2897d ago

yup but i also want another BIA

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