Blacklight: Tango Down - PSN/PS3 Version Has Extra Stuff

A Zombies Studios employee going by the forum name of "ZombieSprague" on the official Ignition Entertainment forums has announced that the PS3/PSN version of Blacklight Tango Down will have an extra map (Crossover) and a "Join in progress" feature as well as all the fixes from the other platform versions.

He has also said that no release date is set yet.. However, it is known that the game will be released for the PS3 some time this month.

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ingiomar2903d ago

The game sucks anyways anyone who wants to play FPS go play MW2 if you don't have this one

BTW your not a gamer if you don't own MW2 or any COD game

StanRaimondi2903d ago

Your not a gamer unless you have mw2 or cod. You have got to be kidding me. Im not saying those are bad games but if thats your definition of a gamer then its obvious you just started playing video games. Because no real gamer would even open his or her mouth to say something so dumb.

talltony2903d ago

"Your not a gamer if you dont own MW2"

Lol you are not a gamer if you think that.

eggbert2902d ago

That was probably the dumbest thing I've read today

TheLeprachaun2902d ago

It was probably the dumbest thing I've read....period.

MisterNiwa2902d ago

Hah. Hahaha. Hahahahhaahha. AHAHAHAHA LOOOOOOOOL.

Fuck that, the hell is wrong with you dude? LOL.
People are pretty funny on N4G these days.

cyberwaffles2902d ago

satirical sarcasm at its worse.

morganfell2902d ago

And you are a gaming noob if you think lack of a MW game disqualifies you. If you want to play such a stupid game then I say never having owned and played Doom, Quake, the entire Wing Commander series, System Shock (1&2), Privateer, The Ripper, XWing, and several other titles older than you is a better qualifier. I say never having modded your TRS80 for better gaming ranks above MW.

CyberCam2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I'm probably one of the few people on N4G, that know & have played everyone of those games & system (TRS80) and I totally agree, those are all better than the MW experience!!

Well said!

DarkFantasy2902d ago

LOL HAHAHA!!! was that a joke cause it sure was funny.

JoeReno2902d ago

COD MV was a rental, short single player and run and gun online play bored me before it was due back to blockbuster. Never bothered with MV2

bjornbear2902d ago

ingiomar, thats the saddest comment i've heard here on N4G for a long time.

I don't own a COD game, so I'm not a gamer? *laughs in your face*

YOU sir, are barely one if you think that way


LOL CODMW2 fanboy.
i was once like you.
Then my eyes were open to the massive bs that can be found in MW2 multiplayer.
Survived headshots, survived predators (ive done it), all the 10pretige lobbying. the excessive camping, its no fun to play anymore. broken gameplay
But i do agree, blacklight sucks.

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HOSe2902d ago

probably the quote of the year by ingiomar.

cyberwaffles2902d ago

nah, stupid shit like that comes a dime a dozen. there's dumber comments out there.

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GusBricker2902d ago

...the later version usually gets more goodies.

What would you rather have? The game sooner or added content?

I'm sure people could argue over that for

JoelR2902d ago

very typical - it's meant as a user bait. without it an older game may not sell at all on a new platform.

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