My First Hour in Final Fantasy XIV Beta

DS writes, "In the MMO world an hour is a very short amount of time, typically one can spend such time doing very trivial tasks and not even be aware of the amount of time that has passed. During my first hour of Final Fantasy XIV I was entertained and intrigued as to what was going on around me, which was revealed through a story-thick session including whimsical characters and a heavy amount of lore. The focus of the game was mainly on a couple of characters who had jumped from an airship in the sky and were looking for the wreckage. Upon being thrust into the enchanted forest land of Gridania this unlikely pair of a short peculiar male with a monocle, and a drop dead gorgeous female character with red thigh high armor and silky white cloth, were told that prophecies predicted their arrival and they were destined to save Gridania from some dark destiny not yet detailed. Unaware of such prophecies, the pair go about their journey and begin to learn of Gridania’s people..."

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