Hacker releases PS3 'Stealth' backup tool, disguises backups as Modern Warfare 2

Essentially, the tool disguises PS3 backups as Modern Warfare 2 and tricks the system. This is said to make it much more difficult for Sony to ban folks

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hi22995d ago

mods are the worst on this site

MGRogue20172995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

... Don't know what you guys are on about..? It's a good article & it's news.., enjoy & stop complaining please >.<

hi22995d ago

comes out of promoting piracy

v1c1ous2995d ago

then its all good and gravy

tdrules2995d ago

by that logic we should not discuss terrorism in the media

Eamon2995d ago

rofl, this is starting to become a joke now.

You could use the same argument by saying reporting pedophilia is the same as promoting it.

Hiding the truth is the same as lying to people in my opinion.

blitz06232995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

360 hacks are old and something nobody talks about. get a life and stop trying to add fire in this supposed non-flamebait article

Ocelot5252995d ago


promoting? this a news site. removing this news is called censorship.

inveni02995d ago

The difference between reporting on piracy and reporting on child molestation is in the nature of the report. For instance, seeing a report of this same article on the 11:00 news is very different from seeing it online. How? Because the tools to engage in the activity are readily available when you're online. It's why they don't play reports on child molestation on the TVs in Chuck E. Cheese's. It's inappropriate there, and it's inappropriate here.

Bereaver2995d ago

Yeah, so of your don't understand what others are talking about.

This is clearly promoting it.

Yes, it you can file it under news all you want. But the thing is, this article will reach MANY people that never heard about it before, there for, promoting it.

And btw, reporting someone child molesting/creating an act of terrorism is much less likely to make another person child molest/create an act of terrorism than it is for someone to read about pirating, simply because of what inveni0 said, in the right place at the right time.

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TROLL EATER2995d ago

tricks the system? or is the ps3 used to running modern warfare 2 as its the most played game on psn

Sarick2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I was thinking about this but never posted it. I assumed the backup software could be renamed to simulate ligament games being loaded. Never said anything about it, these guys are smart enough to utilize the obvious detection system against ligament activities. Spoofing the system into thinking the logs into recording what appears to be normal activity.

The next thing they'll be doing is spoofing the units IDs when they log on so if it's spoofed ID is ban from they can just change it to appear as another PS3. The result could be random unmodded PS3's getting hit in the crossfire. With almost 40 million PS3's out there even with billions of ID's it's still possible.

Then again this to can be countered with constant verification in the software when starting new online games etc, when the ability to spoof the identification system is limited.

ChronoJoe2995d ago

If the game has any trophies, if you are online, it will still be logging the trophies under the correct game... (with mw2 as the game id instead this time) ...

So unless you're using it to play MW2, it's still obvious for Sony to view people using the device.

Of course this is just, them viewing the device without any firmware patches... easy fixes include managing the formats allowed on USBs... and similar.

Sarick2995d ago

They could make it random based on the trophies you've collected after it's first install then even make it say the game your actually playing as a backup. IE, after the software loads stealth it'll shut down and emulate the game or software you're playing when it reloads.

This way you'll appear online playing the game and earning trophies for it.

This is a cat and mouse game. With the limits there is no telling if they could even alter logs directly. After all the source code has been released into the wild.

2995d ago
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