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rubarb234022d ago

piece of sh!t rip off. the game was perfect til this download rip off started.

Saint Sony4021d ago

WTF?!.. do they force you to download them?

You should be happy you have a choice to download more songs.

rubarb234021d ago

No they don't force me to download the songs. the problem is dlc in general. why are some of these companies trying to rip off those who made their frigg'n game so successful? now, i for sure ain't buying this dlc, but the problem is when companies see enough people (who don't know any better) paying for their dlc, they'll just keep ripping you off again and again.

XXXRATED4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

It is suprisingly sad so far next guitar hero I buy will not be xbox 360, but ps3 it is obvious that microshaft has nothing better to do that keep sticking it up our butts for more money. I bought the x360 version at 89.99 then spent 15.00 on songs and and now they waqnt me to spend more? whats even better is " who the hell picks the songs? I have never even heard of this band??????" surely not going to waste 5.00 more on this crap!!! I am really getting tired of the gougeing for everthing microshaft and so is everyone else I'm sure!

Bnet3434021d ago

Microsoft doesn't put the price tag on the content any more. Of course I wouldn't expect you to know this because you either don't care or you must hate the Xbox 360 or Microsoft, I'm not really sure. Blame Activision.

rubarb234021d ago

actually they both are in agreement with the 500 points for 3 sh!t song deal. point is regardless of how good the songs are, 3 for 500 points is a rip off all the way.
This year i'll give rock band a chance. hopefully they've learned from guitar hero what a mistake it is to put prices like this on songs.

warrior6674021d ago

what are you raging about?
If the original is perfect and you dont like these songs, just dont buy them.

XXXRATED4021d ago

seriously microsoft charges for everything show me an offical report for them that this is now the case before flapping your crap all over this fine site. I actually don't hate ms I think they are making a bunch of bad decisions that is heading them right back to last place if they don't get their heads out of their butts to see it soon they'll get there soon. greed is evil and will surely cost you in the end.

Tempo4021d ago

wait until EA gets a hold of your @22es.... heheh if u think rock band will be any different think again. Its the era of Microtransactions and i don't think they'll be going anywhere soon. Like the guy above said u don't have to buy them.

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The story is too old to be commented.