Gamesradar | Kinect – an in-depth look at how it works

While Sony is busy working out how it can change videogames, Microsoft is working on how it thinks it can change the world. When developers such as Hideo Kojima talk about Kinect, they don’t just mention how it’ll work in their games; they talk about how security cameras can be smart enough to recognize trouble and how homes can react to your presence and even your mood. Kinect is the first truly tangible step towards Star Trek holodecks and is the Minority Report-style future of how humans will eventually interact with machines. But when jump-suited people somewhere in the future scoff a protein pill and look back at Kinect with their bionic eyes, they’ll find a bunch of Wii rip-offs, snowboarding titles and cuddling games.

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TotalPS3Fanboy2978d ago

how something is suppose to work and how it actually works in the real world. And for now, that difference for Kinect in the is huge. None of the things it promised is actually working.