Street Fighter x Tekken GamesCom 2010 Gameplay: Ryu vs Kazuya

Gameplay video of Ryu Vs Kazuya shown at GamesCon 2010, same video they shown at ComicCon but its still awesome.

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Anime-Vixen2713d ago

♥ Those losers are still screaming in the background. It just a game ♥

TrevorPhillips2713d ago

not just any games, it's Street Fighter x Tekken :D

cannot wait for this badass game

lociefer2713d ago

just a game ? just a ga.. its street fighter, and tekken, like, u no what, stick with ur hearts

Army_of_Darkness2712d ago

I agreed with you.... Until I looked closely at your avatar! OMG! whats wrong with me! ewwwww!

nolifeking2713d ago

Twilight avatar, condescending attitude and hearts in the examples of girls not belonging in gaming. I'm sure it's just you though.

Just a game....LOL

RedPawn2712d ago

You really shouldn't post if negativity is all you can contribute.

ABizzel12712d ago

I'm not excited for this. Street Fighter 4 was overrated IMO, and this looks like a 3rd re-release of the same game with different skins.

nolifeking2712d ago

Then why are you here?? I'm willing to waste a bubble trying find out, because ignoring this would have taken less effort than actually typing out a response to this.

ABizzel12707d ago

To share my opinion the same reason you took your time to ask why I was here.

NarooN2712d ago

Just a game? Just no, just don't even come here again. Is that a friggin'...what's that gay vampire film? Whatever it's called, avatar? Wow.

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Shmotz2713d ago

Although it really just seems like Tekken with the SF engine. Nothing revolutionary, However King vs Zangief will be awesome.

Mr Vengeance2713d ago

Looks friggin awesome!! Better than I expected, the graphics are par for the course but the melding of the 2 games works - and that blows me away. I'm actually very excited about a fighting game which hasn't happened in a long time.

nolifeking2712d ago

After playing Dissidia, I would really like to see a FF vs game. The best choice in my eyes would be Guilty gear/blazeblue, but a capcom one would be equally awesome.

All I will say is: Cloud vs SolBadguy

Honor_in_Armor2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


Cloud vs. Sol Badguy

starts at 3:16

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