This Is How You Play Kinectimals

Michael Fahey from Kotaku writes "Many people played Kinectimals at Microsoft's gameplay day in Germany yesterday, but no one played it with as much skill or heart as our own Michael McWhertor."

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Natsu X FairyTail3037d ago

this will get boring after a few hours of play. Kids are dumb but not that dumb.

btk3037d ago

Actually the younger kids can spend hours on end with this type of game. EyePet is one of the games that the youngest one in my house plays a lot. Everyone else gets bored quickly with it - but he can spend hours with it.

rroded3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

but they grow out of it pretty fast

I do wish they woulda tried putting some educational value in it for em not that id buy another 360 esp for kinect lol but at least those who do might get a little more value out of it.

ps bub pls msdf aka the one bub army took one :(

D4RkNIKON3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

The hands cling to the tiger as soon as you hold your arm out, you couldn't slap around or rough up the tiger if you wanted to.. Limiting is Kinect's style

OpiumSnake - I do the same thing when people ask for bubbles

Spaghett3037d ago

Since you asked for a bubble rroded, I took one.

Perjoss3037d ago

fact: kids will watch the same episode of the same cartoon 50 times and still cry when you turn it off for bed time.

pork_chop_express3037d ago

No way, kids find the limitations in something quickly "why doesn't this work? why doesn't it do that?" and then get pissed off lol.

East_Coast3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Kids will eat this up. This could also be used as an educational tool for children with mental and emotional issues.



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Immortal3213037d ago

and ask yourself, would you want to play this? H


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GusBricker3037d ago

Did the lion get bored of the guy playing? lol

Godmars2903037d ago

does it at least have an obstacle course you have to guide your pet through?

R2D23037d ago

This game will make the perfect baby sitter.

mrv3213037d ago

Unlike a real lion.

SO I suppose this is the appeal of Natal, if your young child wants a pet Lion/killing machine but you don't have the money for said killing machine or you love your child then buy him Natal and Kinectimals for the low price of $150.

Bellcross3037d ago

You better not have kids if you think a game is good at baby sitting and if you already do god help them.

East_Coast3037d ago

I think you mean the perfect baby killer. Anyone that leaves their kids alone in a room unsupervised is a horrible parent. I understand that sometimes you have to leave you kid but not all day.

TheTeam063037d ago

I don't really know how long the load times are in this game. We might need Kotaku to slow the vid down a bit for us so we can "make of it as you will".....

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