Tabula Rasa Interview

Tabula Rasa is Richard Garriott's return to the MMORPG space, ten years after practically creating it with Ultima Online. When he talks about the changes that have taken place in the market since his last title, he's certainly impressed by the commercial success. He's full of praise for WoW, up to a point, describing it as a "wonderful product" and noting Blizzard's talent for "polish" - but on a very basic level, Garriott almost seems disappointed at how little the genre has evolved since UO.

"Ultima Online was frankly a stab in the dark," he explained. "There were no giant, successful, massively multiplayer games prior to Ultima Online. So the features we put into the game were basically first attempts at what might work in an MMO space."

"Similarly, EverQuest, which was developed at about the same time - it really had quite a few differences to Ultima Online, but those two games basically established the original feature set that you now see in most MMOs."

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