Haze Devs Hint At Wii FPS

Is there a Wii FPS in the works from Free Radical, the masterminds behind Haze?

It may not be as far-fetched as one might imagine. While talking to the website Kotaku, the subject of Wii came up. Free Radical Design's Rob Yescombe and Derek Littlewood gushed about the console...

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texism3701d ago

No, he's not hinting you fckers. He just said that it has good potential, which is true. He was in NO way hinting.

Quit trying to fck with us.

Whoooop3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

should make a Mario FPS. No harm in that.. right??

jigaman3701d ago

Thats like saying lets take Sonic make him dark, give him a gun, and call him Shadow the they already did that. Bad idea dude.

3701d ago
djt233701d ago

i know wii have the potential to create the best FPS ever. developer know wii have the potential to create the best FPS
Metroid prime corruption is the first real try to create FPS it going to be hot.
after Metroid prime corruption come out people or developer are going to try create better fps than Metroid prime corruption i am like with that progress
so Haze i am welcome you because we need more FPS, so these so call hardcore gamer come and buy the wii.

jigaman3701d ago

Yea they may not have hinted directly, but the fact that he thinks theres a ton of potential and they have a Wii in the office could very well mean something. I played all the TimeSplitters, on GC, developed by the great Goldeneye64 team. I agree with you djt23 lets welcome Free Radical. With the sucess of the Wii and the "potential" he mentioned I wouldn't be surprised. Bring it on!