360 Cores and Premiums with HDMI? An inside source spills the beans

Ars Technica says that they've heard from an inside source that Microsoft will start making Core and Premium systems with HDMI ports after the exisiting stock has sold through.

'According to my source, Microsoft wants to cut through all their existing inventory of hardware. They will then quietly "soft launch" a new version of the Core and Premium hardware in late August or September that will include an HDMI port. It's also expected that this new hardware will feature the 65nm process for the CPU and quieter DVD drives. The new hardware will ship in boxes very similar to what we saw on store shelves now, but there will be a small "call out" on the box so you know you're getting a system with the HDMI connection.'

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Syko3783d ago

Makes sense. This will cut costs on the mainboards due to having only 1 board for all 3 models. Plus it will be a "surefire" way to know that you are getting the 65nm chipset with the 2nd heatsink and epoxy fix. So then you will have no fear of those magical Red Lights that sent my box to the Xbox summercamp in Texas.

I just wish there was a way to know if I will recieve back a 65nm chipset with my repair or a 90nm with the additional heatsink? Oh well I will get this version and make my brother buy this one from me.

Dlacy13g3783d ago

Keeping the core unit the same as the elite, premium and Elite makes this system EXTREMELY easy to manufacture. All you are doing really is adding in a HDD drive of 20GB or 120GB....

nasim3783d ago

but it makes no difference becuase you have to pay 200$ for an HD DVD add on and 50$ per year for useless LIVE with text achievements.

x360 has no wifi....and no HDMI 1.3 support.

all new x360s including elite support upto HDMI 1.2 only

what a way to rip customers with defective consoles

crck3783d ago

ps3 owners feel about eating a $100 price drop plus 5 free bluray movies only 7 months after launch.

Makroyale3783d ago

And I'll also be waiting for the 360 to decide on an HD internal drive. Then I'll buy one.

SofaKingReetodded3783d ago

that emphatically stated that "HDMI is not necessary" and now show what noobs they are by wanting to change all their console versions to it.
PS3 got it right out of the gate. There is a reason MS is doing this, unlike their fanboys they can clearly see who is winning the graphics battle and it's not the 3fixme.

Nemesis3782d ago

nasim said:

"it makes no difference becuase you have to pay 200$ for an HD DVD add on"

No we don't, it's optional. That's the whole point you dipshit.

"x360 has no wifi....and no HDMI 1.3 support"

Wifi sucks. I stopped using Wifi over a year ago because I was fed up of dropped connections. A wired network is well worth the trouble. Unless your living with your parents and they won't let you run a cable, of course.

And don't even get me started on HDMI 1.3. The Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD codecs would be superfluous for playing games. What's the point in your console using value CPU time to encode a TrueHD or DTS-HD audio stream on the fly, only for your home theatre receiver to have to decode it again?

Devices that encode on the fly should either stick to a more efficient codec or just transmit their audio streams as uncompressed PCM.

The only other advantages to HDMI 1.3 are the possible future improvements in picture quality. I say possible improvements because I don't believe the PS3 will ever yield a better quality picture based on these new features. Remember the PS3 is a budget consumer level product. It's simply not capable of doing justice to the new HDMI 1.3 specification. That's the domain of high end blu-ray and HD-DVD players, costing thousands of dollars. Sony only included HDMI 1.3 to win the specs war and to fool ignorant Sony fanboys, like yourself, into believing that the system is superior.

Don't believe me? Head over to AVForums and educate yourself. See what the tech gurus say about HDMI 1.3. Many of these guys spend more on an HDMI cable than the PS3 costs.

SofaKingReetodded said:

"yet this is the same company that emphatically stated that "HDMI is not necessary" and now show what noobs they are by wanting to change all their console versions to it."

HDMI isn't necessary. It's simply another way of connecting the console to your TV. MS probably only decided to include it because of all the bragging PS3 fanboys. Personally, I couldn't give a toss; component works just fine for me.

And do you remember when Sony said that rumble was a last generation feature? Double standards or what.

Here's an idea. Why don't all you PS3 kiddies piss off and stop spamming the 360 section. I know you must feel frustrated at having no games worth playing, but that's no excuse for behaving like ignorant little brats. Go and spank your monkey or something instead.

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achira3783d ago

i thought this was not needed ? lol.

killercam193783d ago

Get out u slut u are not needed u co*k juggler

Al3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

"Get out u slut u are not needed u co*k juggler"

- ands thats how you deal with fanboys.

Edit: to the worst

Great, now I get to try...

*Ahem*- "Get out u slut u are not needed u co*k juggler"

Tempo3783d ago

That's frickin priceless stuff right there .... "get out u slut....!!" LOL

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Odion3783d ago

I think the logic is this.

They won't really tick off the early adopters because those people, like me don't care really about HD, and the cord is good enough.

It won't make the Elite people angry because they have the best.

But it will be like hey new and improved 360, cooler stuff, its more quiet and it comes with an HDMI port to be there if your tv allows it.

AuburnTiger3782d ago

"It won't make the Elite people angry because they have the best."

That is until they release the "Super Premium Turbo Xbox 360"

Odion3783d ago

oh look the Sony Trolls have come, welcome fellas, here take a seat take a load off, grab a controller we can play some gears and have a smile then tommorow you can show me MotorStorm.

Kyur4ThePain3783d ago

instead of wasting space with [email protected] like that.

So, do you think they'll stick with 1.2 or have 1.3?
Do you think they should have included this from the start?
Why do you think they are deciding to include it now?

(Of course, assuming this is true)

AuburnTiger3782d ago

I'll give my opinion

"So, do you think they'll stick with 1.2 or have 1.3?"
In my opinion they'll go with the 1.2 simply because they won't what to 1up the Elite.

"Do you think they should have included this from the start?"
They're more likely saying that this is giving the gamer a "chioce"

"Why do you think they are deciding to include it now?"
probably to keep all of the boards the same to keep costs down.

Nemesis3782d ago

I too think they'll stick with HDMI 1.2 so as to not annoy the Elite owners. Though according to the PS3 fanboys, all our 360's are doomed to fail with the RROD anyway. I expect MS will start to replace the mainboard of any 360 sent in for repair with the new 65nm type. This would probably be cheaper than having to keep calling the same faulty boards back in for repair every few months.

I've never understood though, why some people place so much importance in HDMI 1.3 on a games console. For the reasons i've stated above (#1.6) it offers little to no benefit over HDMI 1.2. Only the real AVphiles who spend huge sums on high end equipment are going to benefit from this new specification. Though I suppose it couldn't hurt to include it just to silence the PS3 fanboys and spec whores.

pilotpistolpete3783d ago

Pretty cool, but too bad for everyone who's already bought it without the HDMI port.

DrRage773783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

not really, because a majority of people still DO NOT have a tv that has an hdmi port, so it is a feature that can only be utilized by a minority. the last estimate on hdtv's in north american homes was at about 20%. it will obviously increase, but it is stupid how there are people out there that keep complaining about things they can't even use.

i have 2 hdmi ports on my hdtv, but i have not complained about not having an hdmi port on my 360 once. it is a convenience of connection for some, and a useless feature for most that can't use it. then there is a large part of the minority that do have an hdtv, but complain they want an hdmi port to have the best picture, despite playing on a screen size smaller than 42", where you can't tell the difference AT ALL between an hdmi connected picture and a VGA or component connected picture.

i have commented before how i did think microsoft was going to do this since all the complaining and whining people have been doing. microsoft is at least good at listening to the whiners and implementing things if enough of them make noise

snoop_dizzle3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

many people who have hdmi on their tv wont even will use it.

Some people i know have HD sets with an hd source and they only use composite(ancient yellow cable) at most component. And one of my friends uses composite with his PS3.

Wii60_FTW3783d ago

my tv has not one, not two, but THREE HDMI ports. DAAAMNIT!!!!!

no biggie. Ive been using the VGA input with 1 to 1 pixel mapping with my 360 and it's 99.9% as good as HDMI. so, HDMI is not needed if u have PC input on ur LCD HDTV. period. just get the VGA cable.

Wii60_FTW3783d ago

u need to disown your "friend." he sounds like a typical sony fan ;) "I have a ps3 and an HDTV with HDMI but ill just use composite cables anyway" lmao.

FadeToBlack3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I have an Elite and have connected it via VGA, Component and HDMI. When using the VGA connection the colors get washed out to hell and the picture has a slight blur compared to the other two. Component and HDMI have a much more similar look. You can tell that the HDMI is slightly sharper and colors are a little more accurate in my opinion. But the differences are so small that most people couldn't even tell the difference. My HDTV has 2 HDMI inputs so I use those for my elite and PS3. I also have a Wii and Directv HD receiver connected via Component.

PS: Snoop if anyone that owns an HDTV and connects their HD devices to it via composite need to have their head examined.

aiphanes3783d ago

All good HDTVs made in the last year have HDMI...all new TVs made since this august are comming with HDMI 1.3.

HDTV is the standard...and if you are going to buy one you have to make sure it has HDMI...and most have at least 2 HDMI ports.

Most of the new TV comming out late this year are 1080p also. 1080p is now the stardard tv..1080i is last years models. A lot of the plasmas are still 1080i...but most LCDs that are 47 inches and higher are 1080p

If you are buying a new Tv you want it to be 1080p, with 120HZ refresh rate, and HDMI 1.3 and x.v.Color™ technology, and 1080/24p Input Capable. Anything less than this and you are on old tech.

Just trying to set things straight...

You can get the following TV a 60 inch Sony Bravia KDS-60A3000 for $2699 just came out...and has all the above standard tech.

rancor3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

buy a tv w/ HDMI 1.3? 1080p? 47"? And what do those of us without six figure job buy?

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