Wii Firmware update, Shopping Channel Redesigned

When Nintendo took down the Shopping Channel for 3 hours earlier we knew something was up, it now seems that Nintendo updated the firmware on the Wii to include many small but nice features and even according to anecdotal evidence increase the speed of the UI. Also updated is the Wii Shopping Channel getting a complete overhaul.

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WilliamRLBaker3784d ago

I did not notice that...but a time clock has appeared on my channel list...did any one else notice this?

I've never noticed it before...

ITR3784d ago

Thats new, plus the Wii reboots and starts up quicker now.
I guess this is the startup speed update Moto talked about in Jan.

If you get mail now your mail icon goes blue.

SuperSaiyan43784d ago

That is the question, I had one and sold it, however it did have some very nice features mostly in regards to the online store.

I do still very much think the Wii looks awesome I doubt I will even play it much if I bought it again oh well since rumours have been flying around of a newer version who knows might jump in for that one...

kn3784d ago

My 360 DVD drive died and while waiting I decided to jump in. I'm actually quite pleased with it and though I do like graphics, the wiimote gameplay is actually really, really cool. I'd jump back in. It's 250 bucks and provides for a lot of quick, mindless fun.

ItsDubC3784d ago

I've been keeping my WiiConnect24 off lately so I haven't gotten the update yet. Looks like I'll have something else to do when I get home today besides play Mario Strikers =)

PS360WII3784d ago

yea good update. Clock is new and I like seeing the news and weather on the menu rather then entering it all the time. Shop Channel update is nice with all the different searches now.

Now I'm like a broken record with this one but lets see the update for use of the SD card for stored VC games!

ALItheWISE3784d ago

I love waking up to my glowing Wii. I really hope they start putting up some demos soon... ALItheWISE Look for me on strikers...calling all challengers. There should be a place where people can exchange there wii console numbers. Is there such a place???

ItsDubC3784d ago

Mario Strikers uses friend codes - shorter than the Wii console number and apparently Mii-specific. As PS360WII said, post in the forums if you want to show ur skillz to fellow N4Gers: