Microsoft's "Halo" faces its toughest test yet

It's telling that Microsoft put a tester in charge of Halo 3, a game that it has to get right. Bungie's Harold Ryan said eliminating bugs is especially important with a game such as Halo "that sells 8 or 9 million units or something."

"With 100 testers in the building, [if] you can find a bug one time, 8 million people are going to find it a hundred or a thousand times a day," he said. "In my opinion there's no room to let that bug you only find once go, and that's really the model we follow. We have a system that logs every single crash the game ever has and we investigate and fix all of them."

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SuperSaiyan43912d ago

But you know that still hackers and glory glitchers will always find a way or something...I hope that for the single player Bungie can find and eliminate bugs to make it a truely amazing single player experience.

And of course find what they can online as well so people dont take the advantage with super bouncing and glitching etc.

THC CELL3912d ago

u can never stop a hacker

SuperSaiyan43912d ago

What I mean in the way of hacking is mod chips etc but yeah they always seem to find a way, if Microsoft was that adamanet on stopping those with mod chips why not just take down every website?

All you need to do is type in 'mod chips' into google and there you go, tons of sites.

Anyways I just want the single player to be glitch free and with no bugs mind you I didnt have any issues with HALO 2 on single player, it was the online that people were talking the mick! Standbying, super jumps (apparently Bungie said these were normal???) and host advantage etc lol.

BIadestarX3912d ago

hacking... can never be stopped... but they can be reduced... or controlled to a certain extend.... that's the point... if they make it real hard for hackers to abuse a system... it will narrow down the numbers of hackers that are capable of doing so... hacking is an art... and for the most parts.. people doing so are very gifted people that happen to use their gift to abuse someone or something... sometimes a hackers gift is not enough to hack certain system... which sucks.. cause that's what motivate them to keep them trying... acomplishment... specially if they live with mom.. and don't have a job to perform... family.. or bills to pay.

THC CELL3912d ago

mate u no what i am a rainbow fan and i kid u not when rainbow 4 lockdown came out a seen a guy lay down and fly
No joke.

i think we will see people hacking and moding on ps3 soon when haze or mgs comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.