Until Dawn a PlayStation Move title?

iWaggle3D: "As you might remember, last April Sony Computer Entertainment of America filed a trade mark for the name "Until Dawn" along with a vague description that read like this: "providing a real-time computer game for others that may be accessed over global and local area computer networks by network users".

Today, thanks to a reliable source, iWaggle3D can add its own piece to the puzzle by letting you know that Until Dawn is apparently going to support the PlayStation Move."

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P1NKY2978d ago

I hope it is. Game looks like it could be an interesting Survival Horror game.

Conloles2978d ago ShowReplies(6)
cliffbo2978d ago

conlol... you can tell it's boring from a one second clip. WOW

YourFlyness2978d ago

you can catch a few snipplets of in that early PlayStation Move trailer

mrv3212978d ago

Here's six minutes of footage for you

It's old, but looked good and I'm fairly sure they are the same game.

rambi802978d ago

the beginning reminds me of alan wake

DigitalRaptor2977d ago

HAHAH! Who disagreed with you? It's 100% not the same game.

This one is a first party Sony title that will support the Move. It looks good.

MariaHelFutura2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

The more I think about that Move the more I love it and want it. It`s what the Wii should have been, which is exciting. That Chameleon(??) tech demo was amazing. A game like Siren from this perspective with the Move would be amazing. LOL, I just realised this game looks like Alan Wake in First Person, which could be pretty cool.

Poseidon2978d ago

looks identical to alan wake (graphics) atmosphere wise

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The story is too old to be commented.