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Submitted by Kulupoo 2025d ago | opinion piece

Worst over-hyped games of this generation

Over-hyped games are not always great. Every year there are some games that are not nearly as good as they are said to be.
Here are some truly hideous games that have been way over-hyped before their release. (Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, Haze, Lair, PC, PS3, Too Human, Two Worlds, Xbox 360)

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dizzleK  +   2025d ago
two worlds was hyped? ironically i like both two worlds and too human for the same reason: insane loot. the quest for better gear lets me overlook a myriad of flaws.
zeeshan  +   2025d ago
Wait what? No mention of Halo 3 ODST? That jack black video game (I can't remember the name) and Modern Warfare 2?
brazilianbumpincher  +   2025d ago
what happened to alan wake?
fanboys were claiming it as the second coming,fanboys hyped it SO much even the developers started to believe the hype saying 'its one of the best games ever' that game was hyped to death...
Poseidon  +   2025d ago
in my opinion as a gamer the entire halo series is overhyped, then it would be the guitar hero games.
deadreckoning666  +   2025d ago
I thought God of War 3 was WAAAAY overhyped, but it was still a great experience IMO(The Hercules boss battle ws amazing!). I guess I could understand how rabid GOW fans(HipHopGamer) could think GOW3 was the alpha/omega, but as a pick-up an play action/adventure game for a noob to the series, Uncharted 2 is a MUCH better alternative.

IMO GOW2>GOW3 on an overall note. It had a bigger variety of gameplay scenarios than GOW3.

Sony Santa Monica played it too safe with the gameplay and it got boring after a while for me. I sold it a week after I bought it.

"in my opinion as a gamer the entire halo series is overhyped"

Single playerwise yes, multiplayerwise no. Whether or not its overhyped, its still the most played console exclusive multiplayer game on the market...and that won't change for a while. This wouldn't be happening if Halo sucked.
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toaster  +   2025d ago
Haze > MW2
Age of Conan > MW2

Two Worlds was just awful.. the devs want to correct that though with the sequel.
ExplosionSauce  +   2025d ago
Two Worlds was like 10 frames a second...
No Way  +   2025d ago
@ Poseidon -
I personally wouldn't call it overhyped, seeing as how millions still play it.
Years after release.. Halo 3, i'm talking about.

Overhyped? Nawh.
RedDragan  +   2025d ago
No GTA4?

That game was a steaming pile ****!

With all the 9's and 10's it was given in reviews, all the talking up before launch, journalist masturbating over the idea of it... it turned out to be nothing more than wash and repeat job.
jeseth  +   2025d ago
Most Overhyped Game this Gen :
1) Too Human : People talked about this game for years and was a letdown.
2) Haze : While the game itself was good (Much like Too Human) there was no way it could live up to the hype built around it.
3) Brutal Legend : This game was everywhere when and before it came out. There was advertisement galore and Jack Black was even doing talk show interviews for it. Now its in the bargain bin.
4) Alan Wake : Touted as the PS Exclusive killer by all 360 fanboys, this game still has not had any if at all support since release. No one even talks about it anymore.
5) FF13 : While the ending of this game was incredible, the first 30 hours of this game are downright painful. It's like Final Fantasy for dummies.

Honorable Mention:
-Madden (Can they bring the PS2 version to 360/PS3?)
-Lost Planet 2
sikbeta  +   2024d ago
1·MW2 aka "the bezt FPS" -_-
2·AW -> too much "graphicz hype"
3·Metro2033 aka the "KZ2 killa"
4·Bayonetta aka the "GOWIII killa"
5·Dante's Inferno aka "the GOWIII killa"
Quagmire  +   2025d ago
2 words: Modern Warfare....(2)
clank543  +   2025d ago
Oh yeah.....
I even have to admit that I got addicted to the online for a while, but the single player campaign was absolutely inexcusable. 5 wasted hours of my life.
Seijoru  +   2025d ago
Other way around for me.
Independent_Charles  +   2025d ago
same for me aswell
NecrumSlavery  +   2025d ago
I personally liked MW2's campaign. It was nice to see a more cinematic approach to the series. It was a push in the right direction. The Airport level was meh though, I think it was more intense fighting in a burger king parking lot that just killing people like any other game. You could do the same thing in Vice City at the mall. But whatever.

I did notice the game was almost a carbon copy of Angels and Demons. The whole "conspiracy to inspire the people" theme. One was for patriotism, the other for faith. But same the still.
IcemanHH21  +   2025d ago
Stupid people ..
at Clank543 , 5 wasted hours ? as if watching a tv isnt wasting time , or if you ddnt play the game you would go invent something!
this article is about worst games over hyped , GOW3 got over hyped but delivered , cod mw2 the numbers of multiplayer says it all , Halo also everybody plays it( not my favorite ) but im saying , they got overhyped but everybody is playing them so stfu
and Quagmire go play bad company 2 ( good game bad bad shooting, good sounds )
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IcarusOne  +   2025d ago
I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2. For starters, I was thrilled they scrapped the infini-spawn technique and actually allowed you to clear out sections before moving on. Also, as has been said already, it brings a nice cinematic flare to its storytelling. Some people might see the spectacle of a domestic US invasion as "cheap" but I was enthralled. And Lance Henrikson made an otherwise blase villain quite memorable. Also, the covert ops missions were great fun with a buddy.

Never got into the online. Didn't care.
iPad  +   2025d ago
Modern Warfare 2 ain't that bad.

The community abuses the game, which makes everyone hate Modern Warfare 2
crzyjackbauer  +   2024d ago
the community sucks at playing it thats why they talk trash about it
and they think battlefield bad company 2 is the best game ever
JonnyBadfinger  +   2024d ago
Bad Company 2 is pretty awesome though... and has a intensity level CoD will never reach.
Jazz4108  +   2025d ago
@ jeseth

How can you say Alan Wake was overhyped when there was no support for the game in advertisement. The game was one of the best games made imo and would belong in the underhyped list as that and Red Dead is what hurt that game. if you have not played it, rent it, or buy it, as its everything and more that remedy Promised.
edhe  +   2024d ago
Some people seem to think that blogospheric trending = hype.

Sorry folks - it's not. It's just a topic of conversation.
J-Smith  +   2024d ago
Worst over-hyped games ever = HALO's
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demonddel  +   2024d ago
1 word:killzone 2
sackgirl73   2025d ago | Spam
M4ndat0ry_1nstall   2025d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Nate-Dog  +   2025d ago
Modern Warfare 2 will always top that list for me.

I'm trying to decide how hyped HAZE really was though because I honestly can't remember. It had so much potential and rather than being annoyed about how bad it was i'm more disappointed about it because it could have been so good, and it's because of that game that Free Radical had to shut down and that we never got to see a Timesplitters 4. (Or at least, not yet.)
danielle007  +   2025d ago
Haze was pretty overhyped.
It was one of the games that I really remember being deemed the "Halo-killer."
asyouburn  +   2025d ago
i thought
haze's terrible story and crappy voice acting was great (in a b movie sort of way) and had a blast playing online co-op. rather play that than halo anyday
skip2mylou  +   2024d ago
it was overhyped because of the media, free radical never put out any articles saying it was a halo killer or OMFGBBQ HAZE IS DA BEST GAME EVAR
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hassi94  +   2024d ago
All right calm down, you don't need to pretend people on the internet actually speak like that, at least not the people on N4G for the most part.

But yyeah it's not like it's because Free Radical overhyped, we all hype it because TimeSplitters was and is amazing and people were expecting something on that level or better.
WIIIS1  +   2025d ago
Sean Ryno  +   2025d ago
The one hyped game I was disappointed by was FFXIII
Haven't played Alan Wake yet, but the hype for Two Worlds did get a little dumb last year. I remember reading in a magazine the quote "(Two Worlds) . .will blow Oblivion away", -I was like, "Be nice."
Nerox3  +   2025d ago
dante's inferno,heavy rain,bayonetta
danielle007  +   2025d ago
Maybe Dante's, never played it, didn't care to once I heard they didn't stick to all circles of hell from the poem. I mean.. They had the entire environment mapped out for them. & then it slipped into mediocrity because they didn't use it? Ridic.

Anyways. Back to disagreeing with you..

Heavy Rain was actually a really unforgettable and super amazing experience on the first play through. Honestly. It was insane.

Bayonetta is one of my favorite games. The combat is super tight, everything ends up a combo, and it's hilarious. Not overhyped at all. It's pure quality. Plus, it wasn't even really hyped until it was being reviewed and everyone was giving it 10/10s, because Bayonetta deserved them.
asyouburn  +   2025d ago
hell yeah! bayonetta deserved every bit of praise. one of my faVorites as well. infinte climax mode was insane
Cheeseknight28  +   2025d ago
There was no hype for Bayonetta. Critic scores showed up and people were like, hey, this could be a fantastic game (Which it was).

Heavy Rain I partially agree with you on. The game was good, but the plot was nothing spectacular.
mastiffchild  +   2025d ago
Yes, yes there WAS hype. Kamiya gets hype EVERY game he makes. Bayonetta's known for it's developer, director and the fact both are media darlings and, though I love the game, it wasn't a ten/ten effort when at it's heart it's DMC with tits. It's a good game alright but it wasn't, imo, even deserving of being called a new IP. It's a good DMC Female edition but as he made the original it's hardly moving on a great deal now, is it?

Like all Kamiya's games the media were WELL up for it at every turn and, to me, the hype started WAY back for it. Sadly, as it deserved better as a VERY good game gameplay wise, it wasn't hype that spread to the community that much but in the gaming press it was Okami all over again. Bags of praise(pre and post review), plenty of hype but few sales. Overhyped? No, but certainly there WAS hype in the media because they all love Platinum/Clover and Kamiya. It's a game that surprised me in selling poorly because it WAS on the radar hype wise and WAS a good game(even if I feel Kamiya was reverting to type rather than making something really new)but I guess it's kind of the reason SE and other Japanese devs seem to be breaking away from their Japanese game heritage-even GOOD Japanese games with star directors and media luvvie dev houses aren't guaranteed to sell even when the media DO hype them these days. Christ, DMC sells well enough so just how Bayonetta missed out is a mystery as it WASN'T though lack of column inches or hype. Not imho.
colonel179  +   2025d ago
I don't know why people complained about LAIR's controls. They were very responsive, except the forward and u-turn motions, but flying was very good.

The thing that broke the game for me was the lack of a radar. You couldn't know where enemies were unless you had them in front of you; so if you had gone a different path or got "lost" you had to turn everywhere to know where to go or where the enemies were.

That, for me was the cause of the bad reviews, not the controls.
mastiffchild  +   2025d ago
Lair suffered a bit more than it should have because all PS3 games at the time DID. Sure, the controls were finicky(I agree with you that in some areas they were actually OK but they could be UBER sensitive for some moves and totally the opposite for others-yes, U-turns were a bitch)and there were some obvious design flaws but a 50% meta? Harsh.

About the lack of a mini map/radar feature: had you been able to just press a button for rear view it might have helped a bit! But point taken-that sort f thing would simplify the game a LOT. Whatever, I think a trophy patch, mini map and Move support could reignite the title as there's a lot there, really, and made more easy to enjoy lots of gamers would love it. No, it wouldn't be the AAA title Sony hoped for but it could still be bloody good and as there's nowt else like it post RS why not try it?
Kos-Mos  +   2025d ago
It seems the author havent played Conan for ages as there are MANY servers, not one merged. And the expansion have arrived. There are grinding like every other mmorpg games.
There were a lot of technical issues in the beginning, but they are minor now.
Gameplay-wise its a solid 80%.
Avery  +   2025d ago
Exactly, thought I was reading an old article. Author is well wrong on the info wrote and needed more research.
Maciariello  +   2025d ago
I've always read about how awful Lair is, but I was one of the few people that bought into the CG trailer and thought it looked cool. Maybe I can rent it and see for myself how awful it is.

And as for Haze, I didn't think it was the worst game ever but it certainly wasn't great. Just very run of the mill. We make fun of it due to the hype it received, but if it had just come out with the bare minimum media coverage, I wonder if it wouldn't be so despised by everyone.

Honestly, all the hype surrounding The Force Unleashed is the one I think of when it comes to games that didn't fully live up to it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy TFU when throwing storm troopers into various objects and most of the other game mechanics as well as the story, but boss fights are TERRIBLE. Plus, it's a glitchy mess and sometimes you'll die for no apparent reason. Being a Star Wars fan, I felt a little let down by this title.
prettyboy1  +   2025d ago
in my opinion
haze was over hyped,alan wake was not only over hyped but was in development for five years.i dont realy see how infamous was over hyped cuz it wasnt,it was jus being compared to prototype,and last time i checked it was the better game,and dont even get me started on the whole halo franchise cuz that to this day is the most over hyped video game franchise to date.besides that everything else is neg
Jazz4108  +   2025d ago
I just rebought Infamous again last night. Its a glitchy mess. Heres a your home base try opening the refrigerator as I did and it swings right through your body. Several places in the game im pushing forward and the controls will not respond unless I jump and there is nothing blocking my forward progress. This is right a the start of the game and I am sure there will be more.
BeOneWithTheGun  +   2024d ago
lol wut?
Ok, I just re-rented it, too, from GameFly to go for the Plat in this summer of empty game releases and I just got to the Historic District and had no idea you could open your fridge at homebase.
Baba1906  +   2024d ago
its still an awesome game. doesnt make it overhyped in my opinion. one of the better games this gen i think.
rumplstilts  +   2025d ago
Missing Red Steel 1
PeaceOut   2025d ago | Spam
ranmafandude  +   2025d ago
for me
it's gta4 and ff13.
jjesso1993  +   2025d ago
1. alan wake So many lies Took five years to make was hype to be graphics king

2. Haze do I have to give a reason ?

3. splinter cell convictions hardest difficulty took me 6 hours to complete completely ruined the stealth aspect of splinter cell franchise and had very long dev time.

4. GTA 4 Story good but that's where it ends nothing to afterwards like other GTA's multiplayer is generic.

5 Modern Warfare 2 one of Worst game I have played this generation story is short as hell multiplayer on 360 is full cheats when playing at mates never played it on ps3 so cant comment on that.
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QuantumWake  +   2025d ago
In my opinion, I think some people over-exaggerate the development time Alan Wake had. You have a very small team, new setting & characters, new engine built from the ground up, and of course Remedy was pushing for the AAA quality value. Thats not something that happens overnight. It's always best to take your time.

But graphics wise, yeah, sure. It was a bit hyped up from a lot of people to be the next graphics king and what-not.
Skizelli  +   2024d ago
Alan Wake doesn't count. It would have been a graphics king if it stayed a PC game, like it was originally going to be, and might have been a better game if it stayed true to its vision (was originally going to be an open world) before it went through several iterations and became a 360 exclusive. The tech demo back in 2006 was amazing, and it was running on a quad-core, which was brand new tech back then. I own a 360 and play it quite a lot (no fanboyism here), and even I knew back then that the 360 couldn't do that tech demo justice. How could it? I think some people got their hopes up too high. It's merely a case of generated hype on what was once a PC game that carried over to a console game. If this was a 360 game from the start, it would be a different story.
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voodoopickle  +   2025d ago
I was going to say every game made by Peter Molyneaux
yamzilla  +   2025d ago
two worlds runs
at 60 frames per second in 1080p....

on my pc

maybe it's 10 frames on console...but i don't know.....

why would you but a multiplat game on console.....???

I got it for 5 bucks on amazon
CaptainPunch  +   2025d ago
Why isn't MW2 on the list?
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No Way  +   2025d ago
I think some people need to learn what 'overhyped' means..
And, what this article is getting at..
Philaroni  +   2025d ago
Your right they do, they are trying to point out games that where talked about to be great and ended up both selling bad and getting bad scores and not being the game changer they where hyped up to be. For games like MW2 and others for every one person that says its over hyped there are 1000 more online playing it at this moment. Same goes for Halo. They are still very good games and I feel they get hated on more because they are so successful rather then them really being over hyped.
No Way  +   2023d ago
@Philaroni -
That was the point of my post..
People say Halo, God of War, MW2, blah blah are overhyped.
And, that's just clearly not the case

Millions play them. People still play Halo 3 after all these years.
Where's the over hype in that? There is none.
It did what it was supposed to do, bring people in. It accomplished..
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edhe  +   2024d ago
I'm guessing that 'overhype' is in direct relation to how much sensitivity you have to news aggregation sites bringing together lots of articles about one thing meaning that any standard 'hype' you get is multiplied dozens of times as you keep reading articles.

Therefore when the final product comes there's no way it can allude to how much time you've spent poring over the hype articles and you therefore declare it an overhyped failure.

When the fact of the matter is that it would've been stonking great if you'd just not buried your head in the hype for months prior.

There's alot to be said for abstinence.

I'd never heard of this 'over hype' term before coming to n4g where hype can get reported multiple times and, i guess, become over-hype.

Someone please give me another definition, one that people actually agree on, for this nebulous term.
TheLastGuardian  +   2025d ago
GTA IV, MW2, Killzone 2 and God of War 3 were all overhyped. They were all great games but the only one that truly delivered everyting they set out to was GOW 3.
N4BmpS  +   2025d ago
I hate it when a "over-hyped" list is made because some people's idea of the word Over-hype is skewered or warped if you will.

Overhype: To promote or publicize to excess.

With that in mind I'll list some games I thought were over hyped, that I played:

Gears of War 2
Haze (recently played this one meh)
Halo 3 (good game but even it didn't exceed all the hype)
MW2 (Broken MP, WHICH IS THE MAIN ATTRACTION and SP is too short for me, although well paced)
Dynasty Warriors (any kind of hype it gets is overhyping it)
Poke'mon HeartGold (Specifically this It's repetitive)
Resident Evil 5 (OMG)

But honestly and I may seem like a hypocrite for saying this now but this is all subjective, it's like the Frames per second argument. But I also want to point out, this list is pretty spot on.
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2025d ago
What I think some people are getting wrong though with hype
is that if a game can back the hype with strong sales, wouldn't it be considered worthy?

People are quick to bash multiple franchises... just cause they don't like them... but these games get massive hype from their fans and to some of these franchises much like Halo for instance... continuously gets millions upon millions of fans coming back over and over... and if a franchise can keep pulling that off repeaditaly... I think that is a very special thing for any franchise!

I accept the fact that the stuff I like, not everyone else will...

it's just a shame other people don't grasp this fact with their own likes/dislikes though!
ATi_Elite  +   2025d ago
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 most Over Hyped game in the history of history. If I had a dime for every MW2 commercial I saw I could of bought a new 360 w/ a copy of MW2.

I would change the channel from one MW2 commercial only to be bombarded by another MW2 commercial on another channel. I saw MW2 commercials while being forced to watch the Lifetime network with my girlfriend. I swear I even saw one on C-Span. The Spike TV had a MW2 commercial every commercial break.

Modern Warfare 1 was great so we were ALL expecting the return of Jesus Christ in the form of MW2 but only got a broken, hack infested, 20 minute single player, no dedicated server, no admin, laggy, cut and paste of a game.

Then the nerve of all reviewers to give it 9's and 9.5's
after obviously only playing it for 5 minutes or giving it 9's or 9.5's after they just told you how short and repetitive the single player campaign was.

I deleted my "gifted" copy after about 3 days.

Haze was supposed to crush Halo 3 and sell 1 million PS3.

Alan Wake was Game of the Year, then it got released.
#24 (Edited 2025d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
obama120780   2025d ago | Spam
Skadoosh  +   2025d ago
I laugh at the so called gamers on here that say games like GTA4, Halo 3, MW2, Bayonetta, Alan Wake, Forza 3, etc... are over hyped.

Most over hype games this gen? Haze, Lair, Mag and the number 1 most hyped game this gen? Too Human.
VladimirK  +   2025d ago
I have to say Fable 2 for me tbh.

I was/am a massive fan of the first, (and the expansion TLC), but I'm still dissapointed at how Fable 2 turned out.
I think they tried to change too much to make it "better", and whilst some people love it I don't think it worked.

Unfortunately, Fable III might be heading the same way if the new changes mess up.
PandaJenkins  +   2025d ago
Jeez these lists are just copy / paste I swear. The are pretty much just games fanboys hyped up too much for their own good and were judged worse than they should have been. All the games I would put on a list like this are ones that are too popular for their own good.
jusjus110   2024d ago | Spam
lex-1020  +   2024d ago
Correction:The Development Team behind the original Two Worlds was disbanded after it's failure. The Team behind Two Worlds 2 is an entirely different Team.
StitchJones  +   2024d ago
Good to know there is a new team but with the stink of Two Worlds on their plate, it would have been better to just create a game with a different title and put that misery behind them. Take Just Cause for example, that game stunk to high heaven and I didn't buy the second one until a month after it being out and hearing so much good word of mouth.
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