Kinect Joy Ride Hands-on Preview-

For most of its development, Joy Ride was an avatar racing game played with a normal controller. Somewhere along the line, however, some clever clogs realised that the game was a perfect test bed for Kinect's technological capabilities, so the controller was thrown out the window, and Joy Ride became Kinect Joy Ride. Exciting stuff right?

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SupaGamer2987d ago

What happened to the "free" avatar game? I remember looking forward to having a free game to play with friends.

Boody-Bandit2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

But wouldn't that mean it has been dis-Kinected?

asyouburn2987d ago

Msoft "kinected" it to your wallet

D4RkNIKON2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

MS and Sony need to learn from Apple, iPhone has tons of free games or free to try versions while MS and Sony can't seem to bring themselves to give it away for free.

Here is a recent example of how Sony failed in that aspect.
Mini games like this that should be free would only add value to your console purchase in that it can play games out of the box with no additional purchase needed.

wicked2987d ago

All XBLA and Indie games have a demo to play, and have done since day 1. I agree Sony needs to do the same.

Carl14122987d ago

You know that the developer/publisher chooses the price of their game, not Sony....right?

Perjoss2987d ago

the main offender is Nintendo, there is no way to legally try games before you buy them, £30 is tons of cash for a DS game you might only play for 20 mins because its cack or whatever. No excuses either as DS games are tiny in file size, what is it 256mb for the largest full games?.

Lord_Doggington2987d ago

haha the writer got last place and not he's all >:(

siyrobbo2987d ago

MS seemingly killed off the free LIVE games, this is now a paid title and 1 vs 100 has bit the dust

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D4RkNIKON2987d ago

"Of the growing selection of Kinect games I've now seen, Joy Ride has disappointed the most. Perhaps I wasn't doing it right; perhaps it takes time to get used to, but unresponsive controls and a lack of tactile feedback took away everything that's enjoyable about racing games."

This might be a problem for more than just one Kinect game.

jack_burt0n2987d ago

Everyone feels the same way its unresponsive and works when it wants to.

harrisk9542987d ago

"Joy Ride is many things, but responsive is clearly not one of them."

You can substitute "Joy Ride" in this sentence for pretty much every Kinect game.

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ranmafandude2987d ago

didn't microsoft say the game was gonna be free? i was really looking forward to it but no forget it lol.

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