Macy's Kinect Event In New York City - Much Better!

Gamertag Radio writes: "Even though our Kinect demo experience in Miami wasn't the greatest. The event in New York City was much better. Gamertag Radio staff member @David2sly and others got to play Kinect at Macy's yesterday."

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TheTeam062595d ago

Confirmed - Macy's love Michael Jackson music.

2593d ago
trounbyfire2595d ago

they should have picked best buy or wal mart like sony did

Bigpappy2594d ago

One in Manhattan and the other in Garden City. I wonder if this and the one the PS3 guy visited are the same location. Seems like at least one of the demo site has some one who is will ing to help.

tiamat52594d ago

Yes everyone said the other Macy's was devoid of people playing as well. Not as popular as you though you would be huh Kinect.

2593d ago