High-profile game makers uninterested in Kinect and Move

GamesRadar: Sony spokescomic Kevin Butler wants you to laugh at the mere thought of Wii’s “inferior” motion controls. Microsoft wants you to think that driving a go-kart with your hands is cool. But those are marketing guys. They HAVE to like it. What about the people who make games? What do they think? Some of the biggest names in games are giving the Move and Kinect a resounding “meh.”

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Hacker3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

lol 80% of game makers are working on Kinect games so i would put it as High-profile game makers uninterested in Move sounds about right.

aaaahhh look it's Pandamobile..........whats wrong u look upset no pc games news i see poor Pandamobile.

Nitrowolf23079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

the things that come out of his its ave the nearly the same number of 3rd party dev interest in it?

I love how the author only list 2 examples.
also isn't the Lionhead a MS first party Studio?
So a first party Studio (who sided with there company) Vs a 3rd party studio

NecrumSlavery3079d ago

Once Peter Molyneux himself said Fable 3 won't use Kinect, I knew this wasn't going to work. Reach, Gears 3 aren't using it either. Why aren't MS top 3 devs using it?

Bigpappy3079d ago

Move has Tiger Woods and R.U.S.E from EA and Ubi. Kinect has fitness and Casual storts games from both. Some developer would not support either until they see numbers they like (Sales).

heroicjanitor3079d ago

They used a Square Enix for ms(fair enough) but then used peter molyneux as an example of a dev who didn't like the move...

sikbeta3079d ago

The thing is what kind of support those game makers are giving, you lame Hacker troll

Game makers can be making kinect games, but what games? cos if everything ends with Shovelware coming from third party Devs like they did with the wii, you can have it Hacker, you can play all the shovelware crap all you want

Sony have their Own Studios making Games for Move, so if third party are stupid enough to make the same mistake = shovelware all over again, doesn't matter cos PS3 owners have those First Party Games that deliver Quality as usual...

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garos823079d ago

ill give you a 10 for effort

Joule3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Yeah I bet Kinectamils will be awesome.


Tony-A3079d ago Show
saint_john_paul_ii3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

let him live in his own little world...

he cant be saved if you know what i mean...


Another Lie from MS is making you dumb, Hacker.

80% of pure lie.

Jack Klugman3079d ago

necrum: Maybe it has to do with those titles being where they are in their development cycle. it seems short sighted to assume that just because the latest gears and halo doesn't support kinect that they aren't interested.

pinkyxyz3079d ago

80 pecent?? lol you do understand that the're are hundreds of development studios in the world and i doubt that even a full third of them are working on kinect. why you ask? BECAUSE ITS AN ACCESSORY THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANY GUARANTEED SUCCESS BUT PLENTY OF POTENTIAL!! But as the virtual boy and sega cd/32x taught us, potential doesn't mean shit if it isn't realized.


jneul3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

they are all making casual mini-games like the cheeseburger eating similator by burger king.
enjoy IT WHILE IT LASTS, lol here is the move line-up
Ape Escape
Socom 4
Hustle Kings
Heroes on the move
Sly cooper Coleection
Sports Champions
Heavy Rain

skip2mylou3078d ago

which is why kinect isnt getting support for RUSE OHHHHHH SEE WHAT I DID THEIR!!!!????

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Omega43079d ago

I beg to differ, 3rd party devs are actually making whole games exclusively for Kinect like Ubisoft, Harmonix, Konami and those are just the ones that have been announced.

Move lacks real 3rd party dev support, all they are doing is tacking on motion tech to games already made like RE5. No one is making games exclusively for Move since they know it won't be big enough, so an investment won't be worth it.

TheTeam063079d ago

You have such high hopes. It's unfortunate, because things are not gonna be as cool as you think.

Do you like getting disappointed?

Nitrowolf23079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

505 Games U.S.
Activision Publishing, Inc.
Bigben Interactive
Crave Entertainment
CYBERFRONT Corporation
Disney Interactive Studios
Electronic Arts Inc.
FromSoftware, Inc.
Game Republic, Inc.
Koei Co., Ltd.
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.-------------------------- -------------
Majesco Entertainment
Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
Oxygen Games
Q Entertainment Inc.
Spike Co., Ltd.
THQ Inc.
UBISOFT---------------------- ------------------------------ - -----
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Zoo Entertainment, Inc.

and then lets not forget about the huge First party amount that getting support for MOVE
i mean there what 21 studio, at least half of them are going to support move
3rd party support for PS MOVE

i can count around somewhere between 12-9 big 3rd parties in that list



yeah i see what you mean, (No more heroes)

but this still proves that 3rd party devs are interested, even if they are just making ports

plus Dead Space Extraction comes free with Dead Space 2

also what happened with this then

gtsentry3079d ago

dammm u shut dem up lol

saint_john_paul_ii3079d ago

the fact they can port wii games to the PS3 (see Dead Space extraction) means more money depending on the quality of the game as well.

Why o why3079d ago

that is an important factor that many overlook. Sorry but call move what you want....It has the most bases covered

Anon19743079d ago

Activision Blizzard
Bethesda Softworks
Disney Interactive
Electronic Arts
MTV Games
Namco Bandai
Square Enix
THQ Inc.

On top of this list we've got:
Turn 10
Q Entertainment
Terminal Reality
Frontier Development
Big Park
Point of View Inc.

That's all I can think of. Either way, with both Move and Kinect there are plenty of developers working on it. I think that thus article is just flat out off base. Just because you found two developers not interested doesn't mean there's no interest. And for the love of god, Molyneux was quoted and he's 100% invested in Kinect, and he's one of Microsoft's biggest cheerleaders. And they quote him in an article about no interest in motion? Try again.

Nitrowolf23079d ago

it was about MOVE he wasn't interested in, thats not a good example considering he is with a first party studio owned by MS

which i find this article to be a bit misleading

Oner3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

@ Pope_John_Paul_II ~ "the fact they can port wii games to the PS3 (see Dead Space extraction) means more money depending on the quality of the game as well."

Don't forget they can port games from Kinect as well since there basically has not been 1 game shown that the PS Eye can't theoretically do...even if it can't do a Kinect game "exactly" it would just be a matter of implementing an alternative way to force the action per se.

Spenok3079d ago

Lol, this was a terribly written article, and you just destroyed it there.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Even then Sony's 1st and 2nd party devs will probably make better use of the motion controls. Something MS doesn't have. All they can come up with is a virtual pet that's been done years ago and a bunch of mini casual games.

Garnett3079d ago

"Move lacks real 3rd party dev support, all they are doing is tacking on motion tech to games already made like RE5. No one is making games exclusively for Move since they know it won't be big enough, so an investment won't be worth it. "

Just like Six Axis, Sony was showing it off like its the next big thing, 4 years later it flopped and nobody liked it. Why would MOVE be different????

sikbeta3079d ago


You really have high hope when it comes to Third party support, you didn't see what happened to the wii, those crappy games are all third party, you can count the Great Games on the wii with your fingers, kinect is not shoing anything real or anything that can make it work properly with games like GeOW or something in the same league, we saw no other thing than mini-games or the such, kinect will be the shovelware heaven for mini-games or even worst cos even the wii games Can't be ported

It doesn't matter if there is no "real support" [guess you missed the EA part of the Sony conference] cos Sony Have their OWN Studios working for Move, that Means Quality and the fact that Sony don't rely on third party devs like MS do all the time, kinect is aimed to the casuals, there is no room for Hardcore or High Quality Games, MS can't focus on 2 sides at the same time without First Party Devs and by Relying on Third Party Devs everything will end up with Loads of Shovelware crap, but in a worst way cos the x360 can't compete with the wii for the casual families, this gambling is going to affect MS more than they are thinking...

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Interesting.It would seem I am not the only one.

HeroXIV3079d ago

Why are they asking Molyneux opinion of Move? He's been a Microsoft boy for YEARS now. Even if I do agree with him.

myothercar3079d ago

Because they had to have a shady quote to back up the claim that Move isn't getting high-profile dev support, that way they could write an attention-whoring title and get hits from the N4G suckers like myself.

MRJENKINS3079d ago

both kinect and move are addons and i wont see them any other way

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