WRC game gets release date

Black Bean Games has announced that WRC will launch in Europe on October 8th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Qui-Gon Jim3050d ago

But with GT5 having WRC, does anybody want this? Unless it's budget priced, why not go for the game that has more?

rdgneoz33050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Yep, some companies need to cut prices in order to get people to buy them. Some games at $50 are nice, and the Move titles being $40 is sweet too. At $60, people are gonna check the competition to see what has more value. And GT5 having WRC, Nascar, and how many hundreds of other cars, the PS3 owners will most likely be getting the it over BBG's WRC if they're near each other in price.

Jake3603049d ago

I'm getting GT5, F1 2010 and WRC. Yes, GT5 has Rally cars but a very limited number of rally tracks. Plus the WRC game you'll be able to do a career mode and a season which you wont be able to do in GT5 and have the official rules.

I will have to wait for it to drop in price though, i'm not buying three £40 racing titles within two months.

thebudgetgamer3050d ago

even if it was 9.99 i would pass for Grand Turismo.

Rainstorm813050d ago

GT5 is about to hurt every new NASCAR and WRC game just off value alone.

Elwenil3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

It depends. If it's a solid title, I can see rally fans buying it just for the chance to run some different tracks. So far I haven't seen a lot of the rally content on GT5 other than the day/night racing with another car. Honestly, I was sort of hoping for a more realistic rally situation like Dirt had with multiple cars to catch up to and maybe some different weather. I can't remember the last rally game that had a good snow and ice track. If GT5 has weather and a variety of rally tracks, it could easy kill off another rally game before it ever has a chance, but if they offer something GT5 does not, I can see it getting a little following with the rally crowd. Just my .02

PoSTedUP3049d ago

i agree. if its not GT5 it is going to be different then GT5 which isnt a bad thing. i love my sims, but i also love other racing games including other sims/arcade etc.. i have WRC and GTpsp on my psp and i love and play them both. dirt2 is a MUST own for rally fans. i like GT's rally better though, the snow and ice is so hard and realistic, took me a while to master GT4's ice rally on professional.

My name is PoSTedUP and I approve this game.

r1sh123049d ago

yea GT5 will be the king of racers.
Seriously how many games give you like 1000 cars?
This game has been in development for so many years.
Forza 3 did give a decent number of cars (400), but they release a forza every year.
So as a racer how does evolve year on year once they find a good balance in the game?
GT4 was release like 5 years ago.
Im sure GT6 wont be released for a good few years since they have really filled the blu ray disc with a load of content.

hassi943049d ago

They've released 3 Forza games in the last 5 years, don't over exaggerate.

I must say GT5 is the game I am SO jealous of PS3 owners for, as I owned the previous ones and the GT series is one of my favourites, but I simply cannot afford a PS3...

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blu3print3049d ago

the Official WRC game, featuring all cars & tracks and WRC point to point & sepecial stages format. GT most likely wont have all tracks & cars and there's big doubt on point to point. So if it's the true WRC experience you're looking for then this is it. if you just want to drive rally cars on any dirt road GT it is

Whackedorange3049d ago

until Gt5 is released, was a huge fan of the WRC series that was on the PS2 and was rather dissapointed that the studio that made that range of products now just makes the motorstorm franchise

PirateThom3049d ago

I will be picking this up, because I love WRC. I hope this turns out OK, because Dirt 2 was a massive failure in terms of rally driving.

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