The 3rd Developer Diary of Haze

Ubisoft just released the third Dev Diary of Haze.

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toughNAME3948d ago

can someone help me out here

i thought free radical was developing Haze?

i haaaaaaaaaaaaaate ubisoft

Violater3948d ago

I think your confusing Publisher and Developer.
Ubisuck is the Publisher.

MUFC073948d ago

Many sites say thay Haze will be a timed exclusive, but at the end he says, "Exclusivly for playstation 3", so you never know, Sony could pull this one off

TnS3948d ago

IGN: Is it a permanent exclusive or will it be timed, ala Oblivion?

Key: Haze will only be found on PS3 this holiday season, and will remain exclusive through the first quarter of the calendar year.

vidoardes3948d ago

He says "it will be availible in November, exclusivly on PS3", meaning that when it is released in it will be PS3 only.

Timed exclusive.

Huddymonster3948d ago

Everytime I see this game I am even more and more impressed.

highps33948d ago

Looks great, glad I happen to have a Ps3 to run this on this Novemeber :)

So you can take someones gun in multi-player?

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