Remedy has selected Autodesk for its Alan Wake Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller game developed by Remedy Entertainment exclusively on Xbox 360. Today, through an official note, informs us that arrangements have been professional tools 3DS Max, MotionBuilder and Mudbox Autodesk to design, model and to animate objects and characters of the title.

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JOLLY12996d ago

Who the heck would they go with instead? I love 3ds Max 2011!

iNcRiMiNaTi2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

3ds Max is cool but i prefer Maya and Zbrush only because I'm used to the interface better

Timesplitter142996d ago

You're right. I think ZBrush is even more used than Mudbox

Unbiased12996d ago

yeah i also like that thing...

The Lazy One2996d ago

Maya is made by autodesk too. They're phasing it into a single product soon.

Zbrush is a sculpting and painting tool and isn't that great for animation or model optimizing.

The Lazy One2996d ago


I think it would be awesome if a AAA studio used it just because it would be awesomely hilarious to pull off something great with an open source product.

The real killer2996d ago

Is Remedy buy out by Microsoft? it looks like it.
Alan Wake is a great game, but it did not acrhieve the goal what they hope so and still develop for the 360.

Yes, it looks like MS give Remedy allot of money again.

jay22996d ago

No, Remedy is still indipentant, MS just funded A.W, that's why it wasn't Multi-format.

ExitToExisT2996d ago

well of course they'll use 3ds max. only maya is an option and 3ds max is better

jerethdagryphon2996d ago

autodesk owns 3ds
these days i mean in the finacial sense

the only other options are cinema4d and ......cant thing clearly

Timesplitter142996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

That's not really big news. 3DS Max is the most used 3D modeling package in the video games and movie industry, but ESPECIALLY in the videogames industry.

Maya (which is also from Autodesk) has a fair share and Lightwave is used in some japanese studios, but that's about it.

I personally use Blender for my own game project because it can do just about anything 3DS Max can do as far as game models are concerned, and I also think 3500$ is quite a revolting price tag when you can have almost the same thing for free.

Unicron2996d ago

Weird, from my experience more people use Maya.

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