GameFocus: Space Ark Review

GameFocus writes: "You know, I’ll be honest and say that It’s kind of hard for me to get excited about most puzzle-action games these days. There is no big exposition (Well ok, Peggle makes a good argument), no amazingly deep contextual feedback and most times no story involved. Most people think that old-school stylized arcade titles are now sitting firmly in the realm of the casual market and they would be right. But what about the days when we marveled at how we could bounce a dot from one side of the screen to the other. It used to be all about score wars and with it came the bragging rights. Well it definitely doesn’t sit on a pedestal as high as Pong and the like, but the core innards of Space Ark were transplanted right out of a worn and stained tabletop Arkanoid unit from the 1980’s. You’ve seen them. The ones still sitting at the back of the local Mom and Pop diners. No, I don’t think they power on anymore either, especially following its lobotomy for Space Ark."

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