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Submitted by Kors 2048d ago | article

PlayStation 3D: Performance Analysis

Eurogamer-Digital Foundry's technical analysis of Killzone 3D demo and PlayStation 3D launch titles: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, WipEout 3D and Super Stardust HD. (Killzone 3, Motorstorm:Pacific Rift, PS3, Super Stardust HD, WipEout 3D)

Dazel  +   2048d ago
A balanced, objective and well written ps3 article. bravo.
outrageous  +   2048d ago
3D smoke and mirrors
What I found interesting was how Digital foundry didn't want to examine the KZ 3 It's pre-alpha and has obvious technical issues so they will wait for the " REAL " game...REALLY, when has that ever stop them before. They love to manhandle screen shots and developer diary vids, NOW its not fair to judge a game demo until it's release. Nothing new there tho, any regular reader of Digital Foundry knows the deal. These guy's are constantly wrong until they are corrected by people who ACTUALLY make games. Making up terms and definitions when they don't know what's happening on/in the screen/game. Maybe they have finally learned to wait till the final code/game hits retail before attacking it, BUT I doubt it.

BTW...I agree in part with Da Truth down below. Yes, there articles are better than the average " Ten ugly games on PS3 " type of stuff, but the problem is when people/groups try and manipulate the information available to skew the truth and attempt to pull one over on the average gamer/user to push there agenda. Conduct a interview or tech break down of some video/demo/game and let the reader decide what to make of it. Offer your opinion at the END of the piece and your reasons WHY.

Many times outfits like Digital Foundry ( as well as others ) talk about things nobody will/can notice or even see under regular viewing. Freezing frames and magnifying them 500% ( something they love to do ) then complaining about how they look is shady at best. Using a technique like that to discredit a game is unprofessional and irresponsible.
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deafwing  +   2047d ago
i was wondering why ...
.. super star dust hd looked better ... not that I didn't like it to begin with ... but damn, if they can make games 3D and improve their frame rate and resolution because of it, then that's not a bad thing.
peeps  +   2048d ago
Interesting read as always from digital foundry. I bet ssdhd is crazy in 3d lol
DaTruth  +   2048d ago
Once again, an informative article flies under the radar for the regular flamebait sales crap that we generally see here all the time!

I take issue with Digital Foundry's general bias in PS3-360 articles, but the read is always interesting, educational and informative, which is generally better than mindless, flamebait crap!
Captain Tuttle  +   2048d ago
Under the radar?
It's 210 degrees as I post this and near the top of the front page.
DaTruth  +   2048d ago
You must be in the 360 section, where there is always a lack of news. In the PS3 section 13 comments doesn't get you to the top!
Blitzkid  +   2048d ago
Looks unbelievable gooooood! but the performance could be better
Dylantalon1  +   2048d ago
xbl/psn - dylantalon
@ Blitzkid

you havent seen ssdhd judging by your post or youre an idiot. ssdhd looks amazing in 3d with no graphical compromises. i have the game which i play in 3d a lot and it looks amazing where the 3d gives a better experience with no degradation. motorstorm p.r. looks amazing in 3d also but there is graphical degradation with a few pop-ins. ssdhd and motorstorm p .r are the best 3d representations currently available on the ps3 with ssdhd being the best. i cant wait to see gt 5 in 3d in november and killzone 3 in february of 2011.

3d is amazing and relevant in the gaming industry and potentially offers a better experience if done correctly. 3d is way better than the 2 dimensional 3d images of today.
Blitzkid  +   2046d ago
nickjkl  +   2048d ago
i wonder if the ps3 is maxed out now

because as it stands pre alpha killzone 3 in 3d cuts the resolution
da305kratos  +   2048d ago
like you said
in pre alpha...i'm sure things will improve between now and release...
kevnb  +   2048d ago
im sure it wont much
a gtx 7900 can only be stretched so far, they are already using tons of smoke and mirrors to make games like killzone 2 look good.
P1NKY  +   2048d ago
"a gtx 7900 can only be stretched so far" True but who said they were only using the GPU? If you didn't already know the CPU (CELL) is used to boost graphics is practically ALL games. I very much doubt that a GTX7900 could even produce a game looking that good. CELL is very powerful when used effeciently.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2048d ago
They are using most of the CPU.

Is using MLAA which is the best Anti Aliasing on Consoles only on PS3, and is used in few games like God of War 3, Infamous 2, and more tech settings to make a better visual effect.

It is Pre Alpha, can't imagine how will be the final product.
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thewhoopimen  +   2048d ago
I dunno but if you "happen" to read the article Killzone3 2D's framebuffer is rendering the game at 1280 x 1470. Remind me how much stretching we're talking about from the predecessor's 1280 x 720.
Redempteur  +   2048d ago
did you read the articles ... these were early shots these 3d conversion were made when the devs are not accustmed to 3D ... They said that motrostorm was way more impressive ....

Also killzone 3 is pre alpha code ...
stonecold1  +   2048d ago
360 has been maxed out
for what like 2 years ago hehehe
nickjkl   2048d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
kevnb  +   2048d ago
for 3d
you have to go pc, with one of the newer nvidia cards you can play everything in 3d and with good performance. Heck weve had 3d for quite awhile now on pc.
DaTruth  +   2048d ago
Too bad you guys have issues with paying for games, or this might have taken off by now and you wouldn't be trolling up every PS3 article with it!
AK46  +   2048d ago
@ kevnb
True you had 3d for awhile but not Stereoptic since it had never hit main stream on the PC, until 2009. Viewsonic came out with the 1st 3D monitor along with Nivida Gforce 3D vision bundle.

With all that, their is not one game on the PC that has a fully Stereoscoptic 3D experience.
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MysticStrummer  +   2048d ago
Well well... a PC gamer trolling a console article. What a... uh... surprise.
AllroundGamer  +   2048d ago
i bought the Samsung LE40C750 3D HDTV a week ago and have to say Super Stardust HD i the best looking 3D game, Motorstorm looks crappy (they probably had to downgrade the graphics a lot) and Wipeout is so so.
Boody-Bandit  +   2048d ago
That's disappointing to hear.
I would hate shelling out coin for a 3D display and not being blown away by the games running on it. I already have some amazing displays and I would hate to make a lateral move instead of a decent upgrade.
Red-Dead-Roar  +   2048d ago
someone told me those 576p flat screens they pushed out before 'hdtv ready' aren't all that either...
3d tvs will improve a lot in a couple of years...

games that are retrofitted with 3d will never be as good as those made from scratch anyway.
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qiqi77333   2048d ago | Spam
Antan  +   2048d ago
The GT5 comment is very encouraging!! If it's phenomenal in 3D, then performance in 2D must be through the roof!
jneul  +   2048d ago
only on ps3!! it only does everything!!
jack_burt0n  +   2048d ago
Digital Foundry was setup to get the very best screenshots for the magazine Mean Machines....... um lol, eurogamer, DF, edge are worthless for factual analysis they have been too drenched in bias.
AK46  +   2048d ago
Could you rebut them with your facts on their analysis. Until then your post is pure garbage.
hoops  +   2048d ago
Should be interesting when KZ3 3D comes out and Crysis 2 3d.
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