E3 ‘10: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Hands-On (

Eric Galaviz of Writes:

"For the first time in its history, the Medal of Honor franchise is bringing gamers to the modern war setting. With plenty of other modern war video games out there, EA is hoping to bring a sense of realism that other titles have not been able to accomplish. With the help of Tier-1 operatives, MOH’s campaign looks show gamers what it’s like to fight in modern day Afghanistan. EA’s realistic mentality doesn’t change when it comes to the multiplayer portion of the game. At this year’s E3 I was able to play a few rounds and I instantly found it to be very familiar."

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tigresa3091d ago

It's nice to see Medal of Honor in the modern setting, it does a lot for it. I just wish they put more love into that beta before they let that loose on the public, it's so messy...

K-Tuck3091d ago

The way that this is written makes me want to A.) never play MW2 again and B.) pick up Battlefield Bad Company 2.