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Gears 3 To Feature Dedicated Servers?

According to the most recent issue of Official Xbox Magazine (August 2010), Gears of War 3 will feature dedicated servers that will finally rid the Gears universe of host advantage. This is something that has not previously been announced but OXM even went as far as hypothesizing when a multiplayer beta could take place. (Gears of War 3, Xbox 360)

jaredhart  +   1831d ago
The Best Gears of War news I've heard in a long Time!
EeJLP-  +   1831d ago
Will it feature more than a whopping 4v4?
jaredhart  +   1831d ago
Course it will. Gears 2 was 5v5.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1831d ago
You're late...

On topic: I'm starting to lean towards this being actually true. It could only bring more people to the franchise along with a beta. They should really send the Gears franchise off with a bang. They already brought the gameplay of the first one back with the non-ranked public matches. I also heard that if you haven't reached the highest rank yet, that you'll be able to bring that over to Gears 3.

Edit: 5v5 is enough...its perfect.
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JustTheFactsMr  +   1831d ago
They will still be player-hosted servers. Just running at Epic instead of in your home. Hence the ridding of host advantage when your home system is picked as the host server as in the current setups.

They will force (ie. dedicate) Epic servers to be the host. That prevents hosts from intentionally use lag switches etc to give them an advantage against everyone else in the game because they are running the server portion on their system.

IOW don't expect a dramatic bump in player counts because they aren't really dedicated servers as most computer science people would define dedicated.
XactGamer  +   1831d ago
Oh snap! here have a bubble jaredhart ownage of the day right there. :D
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jjesso1993  +   1831d ago
Any gears fan knows that multiplayer would not be fun with massive matches max i would like is 8V8 but would rather 5V5.
XactGamer  +   1831d ago
Dedicated servers + Gears 3 = Nice
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Snakefist30  +   1831d ago
Hellya finally a dedcated sever.
multips3fan  +   1831d ago
hmm why do i have a feeling gears 3 is not the last installment of the franchise?i smell gears 4 for some reason
Kamikaze8  +   1831d ago
I doubt that the Gears universe would just end with the final installment in the trilogy. They wouldn't let it end right here. Thats like expecting the Mass Effect or Halo universes to stop just because their trilogies ended.
WalMartFTW  +   1831d ago
I think with the Gears series its the end of the trilogy for Delta squad, they probably will milk it like the halo series and hey I don't mind if they do that I will buy every Gears game that comes out ( Yup Big Gears Fan). Well if they do what bungie did it will probably go back to the pendulum wars and E-Day which wil be good cause I want to know what happened. And yeah Gears 3+ Dedicated Servers = MASSIVE BRAIN EXPLOSION!
georgeenoob  +   1831d ago
YES!!! Say goodbye to lag!
Kamikaze8  +   1831d ago
Hope Epic finally makes the move to dedicated servers.
Letros  +   1831d ago
I agree, I mean the players are paying a fee for an online service, the least Microsoft could do is provide dedicated servers for their published games.
Gene  +   1831d ago
Amen to that 4 player coop will be fun.
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   1831d ago
That's the reason why you pay, because Microsoft is hosting it so it can be expensive with millions of players at once.
Letros  +   1831d ago
Hosting what, listen servers? That's done by the player, granted MS provides a server to allow players to connect through gateways(see Battle.net), but for $5/month minimum they should be providing dedicated servers, there is a big difference between the two.
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games4fun  +   1831d ago
letros is right, other 360's are host and are randomly chosen, its the sole reason gears has the term "host advantage" thrown around so much. If it was a dedicated server a third party machine(something that would legitimize $50/year) would host the match and connect everyone which would be the only thing it does.

When a 360 hosts the match it also has the player playing the console to calculate. Meaning a degraded experience for everyone besides host.
ape007  +   1831d ago
melting, gears 3+ dedicated servers = all night gunnin and chainswin baby

I hope it's true, It's one of the most things I desire and btw that e3 demo looked gorgeous
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Fishy Fingers  +   1831d ago
One way or another, they will not allow the same mistakes to plaque the game as they did Gears 2. Dedicated servers will be a start of course.
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OSIRUSSS  +   1831d ago
Gears 3 To Feature Dedicated Servers
So Gears 3 will be on the PS3 afterall.
Double Toasted  +   1831d ago
Nope! It couldn't handle all the awesomenss xD
Inside_out  +   1831d ago
LOL...Double toasted
I thought maybe Gears 3 would be on PS3. It was never suppose to be a trilogy. Still, glad it's coming out. I don't think the PS3 could handle the graphics/physics and AI. This isn't Indiana drake and the lost cause after all.

The first 3 mins of this vid ( starts at 1:00 ) is why Gears is UNTOUCHABLE...

Related video
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multips3fan  +   1831d ago
lmao that made me laugh like crazy
Karum  +   1831d ago
Dedicated servers for gears 3 along with a robust Beta programme for the multiplayer aspect of the game will go a very long way to renewing faith in the Gears multiplayer experience.

I really hope they do this, can't wait to get my hands on some Gears next year!
Why o why  +   1831d ago
better late
than never. This is a real boost for xbl + gears. Anybody who thinks ded servers isnt a huge plus is a pigeon. Lets hope this opens the floodgates to the other 1st/2nd party games for ms to host multiplayer on. We pay, after all id i'd much prefer this than twitter and the likes.
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LoRdFaUlKnEr  +   1831d ago
With new powerfull weapons i think there should be a public beta as to patch any exploits found before launch e.g the double barrel sawed shotgun, still very unsure. i dont ant to play a game where team that controlls it always win
games4fun  +   1831d ago
you've just reached the quality of network code in place on almost all ps3 exclusives since 2006.

On a serious note: i think i may actually pay for xboxlive now. so i can play gears 3.

What next? Halo actually gets dedicated servers too?
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thief  +   1831d ago
I think Halo already has dedicated servers. But I am amazed that people still justify $300 lifetime costs for XBOX Live for what is an inferior online experience. I guess thats first mover advantage - just because Live came first with a decent online on consoles, they get away with it.
games4fun  +   1831d ago
it doesn't.
hmmmm  +   1831d ago
Expecting a game like halo with it's massive popularity to have dedicated servers for all players supplied by ms or bungie is rediculous! Do you know how many people play halo? Do you know how many servers they will need? It is unfair to compare halo with some other ps3 games with dedicated servers as they simply don't have the player count!
muddy9494  +   1831d ago
Really hoping
Really hope that epic doesnt mess up the multiplayer. I hope that the dedicated servers will not screw up in anyway or w/e.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1831d ago
Lack of dedicated servers was never the problem, only people who don't know how the Internet works think that's the problem

The problem has always been lack of client side hit detection and a lack of a region filter. They added and fixed the region filter with the recent title update 6, as well as adding client side hit detection for all the weapons, and now online runs beautifully.

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