Rock Band to Feature Nirvana's Nevermind Album as Downloadable Content

Harmonix has already stated that Metallica and The Who will be included in the "weekly downloadable content" as full downloadable albums. Nirvana has also been included in the mix, adding their classic album Nevermind.

Also given is an update regarding the venues used in Rock Band.

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bung tickler3925d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

rock band > guitar hero III

edit: if you disagree please explain how you think GH3 will be better? im not trying to start a fight but rock band is being made by the people that made GH1/2 plus you get to be any member of the band... i just dont see how GH3 will be able to top it.

Wolfgang1873924d ago

I'm going to be playing GH3, no question there, but I don't think people are prepared for just how cool this game is going to be or how much money and time it's going to suck out of us all. Metallica and Nirvana full albums? I'll be playing this game like a sociopath. Bring on carpel tunnel!

rubarb233925d ago

This game keeps getting better and better. I'm sold already, but man if they could do with megadeth what they're doing with metallica, the who and nirvana, i'll be in rock and roll heaven

Bebedora3924d ago

..I miss out on many bands

dimmu borgir
king diamond
iced earth
more maiden
more judas
more ....everything!

but what to come seems more awesome than any GH game ever created or in the pipe

Bloodmask3925d ago

The music extras are definately a plus. Guitar Hero better watch its back.

MrWegman3925d ago

I hope it does not cost more than 800 points for an album... anyway I will be getting rockband with the drum set... I plan on using my two wired guitar hero II controllers... my wife may want to get the mic as well- I won't be singing...

blusoops3924d ago

I don't think you can use GHII guitars for Rock Band...they are 2 different types of controllers.

You'll have to buy the Rock Band guitars if you want to play Rock Band.

PS360PCROCKS3925d ago

awesome! thank you for Nirvana, they're amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.