Hardcore Game Ideas For Kinect

From iGame Report:
The Microsoft Kinect motion technology is on the tip of every gamers tongues in regard to Microsoft's conference. Microsoft’s hidden gem that could turn the gaming arena on hits head, Sony has its Playstation Move controller but it is has more information about how it will actually play. Whilst MS offering doesn’t, there are many ideas and rumours about games that have or will incorporate Kinect. But only a select few casual games can function properly so far with the camera. Here I will talk more open minded about the genre ideas. How will developers use Kinect for say a platforming game? Or a Shooter? These are my ideas for some different genres.

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ingiomar2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Nice article and there are actually some pretty good ideas developers could learn from


heavy rain is hardcore?
and its kinect not connect.
Is alan wake not cinematic enough for you?
ohh wait you dont have an Xbox!

so why waste your time here coming with your stupid claims yeah they are stupid.. do you really think of all the developers kinect has by its side none of them is gonna try hardcore?

Aikuchi2942d ago

Finally game that should be on Kinect that would make me want to buy it. But its not, so I wont.

ElitaStorm2942d ago

i wanna has this game xD

Syronicus2942d ago

Heavy rain is extremely hardcore. To say otherwise shows you have not played it and know nothing about the game. Heck, heavy rain is far more hardcore than hitting a red ball or shooting with ones fingers... Pew, pew, pew...

embop2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )


would it not be better in real life?
I dont understand why anyone would pretend to do something they could do in real life and it would be much more enjoyable. I gues if you really want a game like this its pretty obvious your having some trouble in that deartment though.

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Dramscus2942d ago

Anything involving letting go of the controller while your playing is a fail.
Most of this stuff would be easier to do by hitting a button. Who wants to hit a button and make a gesture.
It's totally complicated and backwards.

Seriously it's just not going to happen. There won't be any 'hardcore' games for connect.
The most hardcore kind of game it would work for are games like heavy rain. Cinematic adventure type games. Which is a genre that just won't fly on the xbox.

edhe2942d ago

If all you can think about is replacing buttons with gestures then you've subscribed to the wii/move concept and not the entirely different one which is the pad+kinect one.

Your not thinking openly enough about what it can do. It's not all about tracking your waggle instead of adding a button.

pork_chop_express2942d ago

You cant do any of that stuff and having sudden no controller moments would require you putting down the controller that is a crazy idea.

The most hardcore application I heard last year was fable 3 scanning you in taking your weight, height detailed appearance and fabilizing you into the game and having some basic voice recognition for on screen choices, whistling for ur dog etc but all that has been cancelled.

Obama2942d ago

"The most hardcore application I heard last year was fable 3 scanning you in taking your weight, height detailed appearance and "

Wouldn't that be a bad idea? Nobody wants to play as a chubby or obese hero.

eggbert2942d ago

Fable was not coming out with kinect support unless they put some in with DLC. No plans ATM.

m232942d ago

I think Kinect has a lot of potential but we may just have to wait for the good stuff next year.

edhe2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

I'd imagine we'll see it introduced to shooters for 'off-hand' items like the throwing knife in cod (lift hand, kinect sees, adjusts the reticule to your hand and auto-draws knife, shows knife hand mimic your hand on-screen).

Maybe even for extra dramatic meleé attacks, 'flicking down' your nightsights, turning wheels - nothing that can't otherwise be done, but would increase immersion.

Then there's the extras like leaning, head tracking that could be included. Again - not necessary but add extra immersion.. just like 5.1 or HD.

So, consider it - a year's time you're playing Respawn's new game and you're holed up in a map, stuck in prone so can't move your aiming much, using head tracking to check your sides instead of moving your gun, someone comes near you need a silent take down so you lift your hand to throw your knife for the kill - just to get the finesse considering you're prone - then get your shot off. You do your escape run, into a car, drive down the road with kinect tracking how you hold your game pad to 'kick in' some extra steering when you're turning your pad, use face tracking to look out the side windows.

Then you stop at the dz, you get on the turret of the vehicle and use the RS & trigger to lay the smack down whilst you take your left hand off the controller to auto-select the flare for pickup, and toss it using a seperate reticule from the turret, without having to get off it, select it, toss it then get back on.

Also add to this when your backup arrives you should be able to use hand gestures and voice comms to signal to your AI team mates what you want them to do, or targets to hit.

None of it is mandatory, none of it changes balance but it all adds immersion, *and* it's all done with one accessory. Immersion is what I like about good gaming.

I cannot imagine what bethesda/bioware/bungie will manage in a couple of years.

FreeFalling2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

People haven't recognized that Kinect could be used with the controller as a Kinect/controller hybrid...
It could really make things more intuitive in gaming, while not having to let go of your trusted controller.

Think about it...

Biggest2942d ago

People think of it. But it defeats the purpose of Kinect. Once you throw a controller into the mix they have to lose the "innovative" and "revolutionary" tags that they've been using. Yes, the Kinect is already not either of those things. But to add a controller makes it even harder to promote as such with the Move on the market. By the way. . . I am not calling the Move anything here. I am not promoting the Move. The Move is a camera with a controller. If you add a controller to the Kinect it also becomes a camera with a controller.

edhe2942d ago

Because it's not in line with bashing MS.

The fact that Kinect allows a tertiary input level with amazing subtlety is lost on the haters.

it's the only real way to add 'motion' to hardcore gaming imo. Allow use of the pad but accentuate it with reading the player's body and expression also.

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