20° Which Version to Play Before The Witcher 2

So you have seen all of the hype floating across the Great and Vast Internet concerning ‘The Witcher 2′. Maybe you have never played the original, or maybe you played it a little but never completed it – yet you have heard that game saves will crossover and now you want to see the end. Well, be you a Witcher, Nilfgaardian, or even one of the Scoia’tael worry not, for help is at hand.

By Illiani

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Donny2770d ago

the original witcher.

Canary2768d ago

Basically, it asks the question: which version of the game should you play first,

The Witcher out of the box.
The Witcher out of the box with free content that makes it better.
The Witcher out of the box with more free content that makes it... uncensored.


The Witcher console port... that was NEVER RELEASED.

Herp derp derp derp.

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