GrE's Preview: XCOM

GrE writes, "Fans of playing games with a mouse and keyboard have many fond memories of the X-COM franchise. So when rumors began circulating that the franchise was getting a reboot, the masses rejoiced. However, in a twist that is beyond the imagination of even the best fiction authors, it was announced that the game would be a first person shooter. As spoken best by the great Obi Wan Kenobi, “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.” In order to attempt to put our minds at ease, 2K Games were kind enough to let us sit in on one of the first previews of XCOM at E3 2010. What we found may not shock you, but just know that the series is in the competent hands of 2K Marin."

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CrAppleton2946d ago

This game reminds me of Destroy all humans.. from the humans perspective

Neco5122946d ago

wow. I didn't realize how close they really seem

bgrundman2946d ago

Except it doesn't seem to be all that impressive from the preview.

starven2946d ago

I'm holding out judgement on this game. Taking this game to an FPS just seems wrong on so many counts.

DaRockSays2946d ago

yeah, it's a twist in the series for sure, but you can't go wrong with an FPS

Neco5122946d ago

that's not really true. a change in the genre isn't going to mean an instantly great change

Neco5122946d ago

Xcom has been gone a long time, it's good to see it back, but FPS? We'll wait and see.

bgrundman2946d ago

I am against this coming to FPS... It seems like it should be an abomination of some sort.

goku323592946d ago

and here i thought i was the only one

callahan092946d ago

Did all of the people at E3 who are putting this at the top of their lists actually play it? Was there hands-on? I haven't seen any hands-on previews or videos... I'm interested to see some, because the trailer and screenshots and the concept of it being an FPS have got me everything BUT excited. It just looks horrible from the little I've seen so far. What has all these people from E3 so excited? If there's some in-depth previews and footage I haven't seen that someone can link me to, I would love to see it. As a big UFO Defense fan, I was excited for XCOM when it was announced, but so far from what I've seen, this looks like a complete disaster. What the hell has got people so excited?

bgrundman2946d ago

Press were not allowed to have hands on with it. The game was demoed for them. That said, there was nothing truly to get excited about other than the potential for what 2K Marin can do with this proven franchise. Too bad that wasn't enough to garner anyone's full support.

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