Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Taps into All 333MHz on PSP

Chris Reese the technical director for SCEA's Bend studio in Oregon, the developer of the Syphon Filter franchise says: We're working hard on the next chapter in the series, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for PSP, but I wanted to take some time to give a glimpse into how the PSP's recently expanded processor speed (333MHz) will help us deliver a look and feel that wasn't possible under the previous 266MHz limit.

For Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, our concentration was developing an engine that could produce stunning PSP visuals, allowing for significant detail in the environments. For Logan's Shadow, we naturally wanted to push the detail even further with our focus turning towards interactivity within those environments.

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MK_Red3924d ago

These new full 333MHz games are looking seriously hot on PSP (GOW), hopefully more games go full 333 and all of them looks as good as GOW:CoO. Good find and good news.

Shaka2K63924d ago

333MHz is more then what PS2 had eh i think PS2 was 266MHz.
well theres already some hot looking games like MGS-PO almost looks as good as MGS3 on PS2.

Marceles3924d ago

Sony sent me the demo and the game looks and plays great. It'll be another must-buy for me. I'm gonna be homeless by the end of the year from buying so many games

PS360WII3924d ago

Yea I got that demo too. Controls are tight and looks great for sure. Enemy just needs better aim but it was just a demo. Will be getting

Charlie26883924d ago

333 niice :D ...I wonder when it will go dual core :P

Mr_Kuwabara3924d ago

The PSP is slowly transforming into a PS2. =P