Heavenly Sword 2 Under Development?

Gameguru "The company also promises numerous high profile games to hit E3 and we may have been able to stumble across another high profile sequel."

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Kain812957d ago

This would be an EPIC announcement for me i love HS.
i hope Nariko makes a Comeback as the main portagonist again...
BTW..i know the end of HS...

talltony2956d ago

one of the most underrated games I have ever played. It was just short but really was great. The whole game sets you up for the last boss fight and it was just epic!

nix2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

the press killed Heavenly Sword... with KZ2 they tried but KZ2 was just too big to be swept under the rug. and look KZ3 had the whole media buzzing... best part is, no one is even pointing a finger saying "must be a CG". the media learnt that the hard way. ha ha ha..

but yeah.. no one can stop HS2. i would love to see it come out! it's certainly one of my best!

plus.. i want one for voting option that says - "I want it to be true."

InfectedDK2956d ago

Well that would be about time they realised they made a mistake skipping it in the first place.. The first one did well on the PS3.. Do not loose faith in us ;) Some just realised later.. But not too late.
Wow I'm not even drunk, yet.. :b
But hey make it a PS3 exclusive! ;) Oh well it's ok if the box gets it too.. But lets see what happpens.

sinncross2956d ago

That sounds like a spoiler Kain81...

Either way, I hope this game is shown at E3!

macezhno2956d ago

IF and IF they are make a new HS it will have a new main character the sword is what will remain but given different abilities

i love the first, was the second game i bought for my PS3 (ninja gaiden first). but her story concluded lets see the sword in a different time period.

nickjkl2956d ago

you know its a video game and not real right they can do what ever they want to bring her back

morganfell2956d ago

Loved Heavenly Sword but more ridiculous assumptions from fly by night websites. For the love of gaming at least base the guess on a shred of something tangible...anything. Instead sites like this look like the boy who cried wolf.

If Lauren Pears had a major role in the first Heavenly Sword and had left Ninja Studios for Sony shortly after the split even that small scrap of info would at least lend a splinter of credibility to an otherwise outlandish deduction.

3sq2956d ago

I rather wanna know the back story of the first owner of the sword.

nix2956d ago

didn't you see those 5 mini animation movies talking about how Heavenly Sword originated? or did you miss it?

wages of sin2956d ago

Heavenly Sword is still my favorite PS3 title. This game was really underrated and deserved a sequel a long time ago.

Iamback2956d ago

Not sure how they asummed that it is Heavly Sword? it could be anything

PimpHandHappy2956d ago

but i would love to see it... i really enjoyed the KungFu story of the first one

WildArmed2956d ago

lol while I'd love another HS.
I dont wanna see nariko come back (even though I love the her as a character and her sister).

I want to see the 'real' weilder come into play now.

They kept talking about the chosen one.. how about they finally get there? :D
Esp. since I dont expect this or HS3.
I want them to wrap it up w/o leaving us hanging whether we'll get another sequel after HS2.
(I sure hope they do HS2!)

Anarki2956d ago

Just the thought of this makes me cream!!

Heavenly sword is/has always been/will always be the best game on ps3.

Understated game of the decade!!!!!!

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TheJudgement2957d ago

Then Sony never cease to amaze me.

Kingdom Come2957d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

The Original was vastly underrated, a sequel would be great news.

Dawn_Of_Ashes2956d ago

euh... this is only some bs speculation. Kind of article that hiphopgamer would do...

morganfell2956d ago

Thank you for keeping a level head.

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