Android: The Better Smartphone

The Android operating system has come quite far over recent years, and it may have grown to be more impressive than the mighty Apple iPhone. Why?

Let’s compare some key features of both phones

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karan86243117d ago

iPhone seems too "been there, done that" since I have an iPod touch
I opt for the droid, or Milestone in Canada

simplyRealistic183116d ago

i like Android Os better, it feels more you, iphone just have 4x4 apps box on the home screen, i think the reason iphone sell so much is just because it's apple's product

farhsa20083117d ago

i love my 3gs and would not think about using any other phone

Pandamobile3117d ago

I ended up getting a Win Mobile 6.5 (Omnia II) phone cus none of the awesome HTC phones are available in Canada.

Conloles3116d ago

Cant wait for Winpho 7!

simplyRealistic183116d ago

no thank you, there not that much apps, but the os love great tho

mrv3213117d ago

I have a colour screen on my new one... it does calls... and I suppose texts.

simplyRealistic183116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Samsung Galaxy S is better, sony miss their chance with the X10, they took to long to bring it to the usa and now they lost their chance to 1-up their competition, the phone was announce last year, why release so late without 2.1

btw the girl below in the vid is beautiful, i need to go to the uk if all girls look like that

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The story is too old to be commented.