Live Updates From Playstation Event In Tokyo

Live Updates From Playstation Event In Tokyo. Google Translated.

Announcements at the PlayStation Premier event so far (Thanks to totobeni):

* Nobi Nobi Boy , namco-bandai
* Buu Buu Cocorecch , SCEJ
* Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (Dynasty Warriors) , Koei / exclusive
* Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ,SCEJ
* Disgea 3 , nippon ichi
* Valkyrie of the Battlefield , Sega
* White Knight Story , SCEJ , level-5
* Tekken 6 PS3 screens , namco-bandai
* Soul Calibur 4 PS3 screens , namco-bandai
*new PSP colors
*Something about Final Fantasy XIII (unknown so fae)


Toy Home has been announced as well

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timmyp533663d ago

for this show?... wait.. of course it will. Any trailers

Vojkan3663d ago

or you can just follow live updated in English on IGN

Lord Anubis3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

would you happen to have a link?

thanks Faelt -

I thought they had a live blogging of what was/is happening at the event.

Frulond3663d ago
or just go to and go to whatever channel you need then scroll down

latest I can see is:
Updated 24 hours a day. All times PDT.
Make this my default tab

09:07 07/17

PlayStation Premier: Yakuza Producer Brings Two to PS3
New games announced from Sega."

Premonition3663d ago

I wasnt aware of this event today, hopefully this will get japan rolling with the PS3, white knight looks real nice.

Bazookajoe_833663d ago

Is this information coming on psn? like video with trailer and stuff?

Premonition3663d ago

If there were trailers/Demos or what not, it would most likely appear in the JPN store not the US, since this is a Tokyo even, but I could be wrong.

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