Why Id's RAGE is going to suck

RAGE is id Software's latest project, in which John Carmack gets to display his newest graphics engine, ID Tech 5. People are excited about it, but Bobby Miller is pretty sure that RAGE is going to suck.

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toaster2775d ago

iD? One of the most influential developers of all time? The creators of classic and revolutionary games like Wolfenstein and Doom? The developer of Quake, the FPS game that put online multiplayer on the map?

Yeah, I can see why this game is going to suck.

Bereaver2775d ago

Things come, and things go.

That's the way that life is.

Just because they've made good stuff in the past, doesn't mean they are going to do it again.

Trey_4_life2775d ago

This is my cats reaction to the article title......



darkmurder2775d ago

Pfft hwat a bitter article, there hasn't even been any gameplay and the article suggests its going to suck. Considering ID's previous record I can guarantee it won't - article looking for hits.

waltercross2775d ago

Actually It's more Logical to think RAGE will be Great since
it is ID doing it, usually the only ones who disrespect ID and there games are the ones who were just babies in the Doom days.

I Remember me and my friend hooking both our TV's and PS1's up playing Doom 2 Together, we'd spend hours and hours non stop killing each other, was a blast!, I'd see the action on my TV, he'd see it on his, we used the PS Link cable.

Doom 64 was a blast to!, so anyone who Bashs Doom and ID have literally no Idea what they are talking.

Bereaver2775d ago

Wow, look at all my disagrees?

Did I say anything about RAGE going to suck? No, I didn't say it.

I was just trying to get you guys to open your eyes.

It probably won't suck, but in all things fair, I don't think that it will be as influential as Doom was in it's time. I don't think it will even be close.

But yeah, I doubt it will suck.

Mo0eY2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I agree. Things come and go... look at 2D Arcade fighters and beat-em-ups. Now we have Ubisoft releasing a Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles Turtles in Time remake, and it was nowhere near as perfect as the original... what made that game? The 2D artstyle. Same goes for the new Rocket Knight game (though I will still buy it simpy because I loved the original games).

All of these games mentioned (Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, etc) were great in the past, but what have the developers done that's so great in today's gamers' eyes? Nothing. You cannot simply live on your greatest hits forever (look at Atari as a good example - the harbinger of old classic games that just couldn't cut the mustard in today's world). You simply just cannot let the past carry you to a next generation. You have to adapt, survival of the fittest if you will, or you won't make it. The Beatles learned to adapt to the ever-changing world around them and look how they turned out...

I love to hang on a needle of hope just as much as the next guy, but developers such as iD and Rare have caused me to realize that some things just need to be let go.

ThanatosDMC2775d ago

Bubbles for your progressive thinking cuz it holds so much truth. I completely agree with you.

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champ212775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


Dont expect the console crowd to know anything about those games.


had it not been for ID, Epic, Valve

3D gaming might not have progressed as fast as it did back in the late 90's early 2000's

edhe2775d ago

id had their heyday. Since quake 3 they've done very little of note.

Epic have leapfrogged them, and valve, and many others. Here's hoping Rage puts them back on the map and makes them worth their legacy again.

FangBlade2775d ago

"xbox360 version is gonna out shine the out dated pc any given day,u pc nerds need to realise pc gaming is over Alan Wake looks like DX12 game and u lot are stuck with DX11 talk about last gen."


kharma452775d ago

Quality lol There really are some idiots around

P1NKY2775d ago Show
Marquis_de_Sade2775d ago

Perhaps a tinge of sarcasm? I'm not too sure though.

Theonetheonly2775d ago

I didnt stealth troll.
Alan Wake is a good game but the hype killed it. #1.2.1
2d ago by FangBlade | View comment

You have some IQ issues.

you have no idea of what you speak. Absolutely no idea.


P1NKY2775d ago

Why did I get voted as "Trolling"?

I was just explaining how that comment was stupid. Im not some blind PS3/Xbox fanboy. I was just telling everyone pure facts and then I get voted as "Trolling"?

Anyway. Based on Developer interviews, Screenshots etc this game looks like it could be quite good. But I can see what the guy was on about. The character models look out of place as they are much more detailed than the environment.

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RankFTW2775d ago

Heh it's probably not clear since I have quite a few disagrees, but I mean that it's going to be awesome since it's id.

MNicholas2775d ago

The in-engine screen-shots from the two big PC developers with upcoming console games, Id and Crytek, have been underwhelming, to say the least, and a far cry from the earlier bull-shots that got the fanboys into a tizzy.

I'm waiting to be impressed.

2775d ago
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qface642776d ago

yeah 20 bucks says this is one of those very overhyped games that turns out being lame and or mediocre weve been getting allot of those lately

Bobbykotickrulesz2775d ago

The mass majority of Nintendo Wii games comes to mind.

mertesn2776d ago

But, like other id games, it'll sell like mad regardless of quality.

MiamiACR2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Bobby Miller is """"" pretty sure""""&a mp;q uot;""

Well Bobby of course you can't be 100% sure, the game isn't even coming out for a good long time and your already passing judgement. Typical flamebait article, and looks like the morons are biting today looking at the comments above me, and later...below me.

RememberThe3572775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

They earned their respect and I'm confident that this game will be great. But you guys go ahead and keep hating.

saint_john_paul_ii2775d ago

it comes from a blogger that is too young to write crap he doesn't know about, let alone too young to know who id is and what they contributed to the industry....

primesuspect2775d ago




I love when people full "facts" out of their ass

tplarkin72775d ago

IDs art design and story telling was always bad. Rage is not an improvement. It seems like they never replaced the original Doom art designer.

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