Dragon Ball Raging Blast Sequel In Development

Andriasang: Spike and Namco Bandai are teaming up for a Dragon Ball Raging Blast sequel. The upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump has first screens and details on Drgaon Ball Raging Blast 2, which is in development for simultaneous PS3 and Xbox 360 release in 2010.

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TheHater2996d ago

Is anyone actually surprised by this? Anyone?

Faztkiller2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

But I wish a good developer would make a good DBZ or One Piece WRPG and u can create your own charter and explore huge worlds

WinterWolf2996d ago

Milking DBZ? More like raping DBZ! Raging blast is a disgrace to true DBZ fans.

N4GAddict2996d ago

Namco should bring ToV to the US instead

Redempteur2996d ago

we mean the true director cut , debugued version ( with all the playable characters )

-MD-2996d ago

You refuse to play the game because it's not the "true directors cut"? Just play the stupid game and be happy. I did.

Redempteur2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

"stupid game" ?

it seems we do not value games the same way ...

Enjoy your final dongeon that can't be explored fully and numerous other area because everything is not in the "game" ..

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JoySticksFTW2996d ago

I never played this, but I always thought it was pretty cool seeing free weekly character additions on PSN - and it was like for ten weeks straight I'd see character packs of four being released. Crazy

At least they supported the heck out of the game. It kind of reminds me of Burnout: Paradise before they started charging for DLC.

This is all my view from the outside looking in, but I'm sure fans of the game appreciated it.

bluegenji2996d ago

back in the day i used to be excited over my mind for a new dbz game. back when i was a young lad

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Myst2996d ago

Should just remake Dragonball Z Legends or at least make a Dragonball Z game that is like Fist of the northstar/koei games. Then call it a day...

Xof2996d ago

It'd be nice if we actually got a good DBZ game. Like, that PS3 Naruto game's cel-shading, with Budokai 3 or Budokai Tenkaichi 3's gameplay and rosters.

Raging Blast was decent and all, but compared to the PS2 games, left a lot to be desired.

ShinFuYux2996d ago

They should just remake Hyper Dimension. That game was epic on the SNES.

Ether2996d ago

Milk, milk, milk.

I used to buy almost every DBZ game last gen, until I realized how much they were ripping us off by releasing the same game over and over again, adding a few characters each time.

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The story is too old to be commented.