E3: Games not price are holding back PS3, says Capcom exec

Capcom Europe boss Mark Beaumont has warned that PlayStation 3 is lagging behind in the sales stakes - suggesting that it's software and not price which is the major factor

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deepujatt20054000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

i don't thats true

mosty people wont buy ps3 because there is noo good games ..

and no one will spend 599 to just play resistance or motorstorm..

and most of the games that ps3 has are on 360 too and they look little better..

because 360 don't get stupid ports like PS3..

i bet you sales will pick up after heavenly sword,Lair,and more comes out.

plus Haze,UE3 are ps3 exclusive this year ..

ITR4000d ago

I'd say it's both.
I'm stuck on price and so far no rumble.
I'm also stuck because no GT5 yet until 08'.

Mycococo4000d ago

sony has acknowledged that it is both! but they are fixing both those problem and in a big way. if you havent noticed sony keeps insisting THAT THEY HAVE NOT DROPPED THE PRICE OF THE CONSOLE. they just introduced a new sku. lol. ok... so i can see a TRUE PRICE CUT happening before christmas. and they may even have the 65nm chips in by that time so it is very plausable.

by christmas ut3 will be out(timed exclusive), lair, warhawk,etc..

deepujatt20054000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

sorry for the doble post..

ALIEN4000d ago

let's wait till this CHRISTMAS n See what happens.

Expy4000d ago

It's funny when a company who ports ex-exclusives to other consoles starts talking about how games are hurting the Playstation 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.