Call of Duty 4 Interview - PS3 Version Re-Confirmed to run at 60fps

Call of Duty 4 developers have confirmed to 1UP staff in a new interview on the 1UP show that, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare runs at 60fps on the ps3 as well. The full show has been embeded here for your viewing pleasure.

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LSDARBY3842d ago

LMAO awsome stuff, and 360 owners were bragging about this. I think Sony has been working closely with 3rd party devs recently to get games running at their best.

Marceles3842d ago

After all of the crap PS3 owners had to hear from 360 fanboys about EA's sports titles only running at 30fps on PS3, it's nice to see that an actually important third party game that gamers care about is running at 60fps on both systems...

achira3842d ago

and whats with the 360 ? does it run 30fps ? if so thats nice.

nice_cuppa3842d ago

if your not a 360 gamer why would you care ?

Tabasco3842d ago

Maybe why you care to negatively comment on the PS3 frame rates on EA's sports titles.

ThaGeNeCySt3842d ago

lol i didn't even know the game was running at 60 fps period

great to know for both consoles

MrSwede3842d ago

I didn´t know either. Sweet news for all of us!

Shake3841d ago

Somebody tell me...WHATS THE DIFFERENCE???

Morbius4203841d ago

Didn't you watch the demo? I thought it was obvious just looking at it.

vidoardes3842d ago

Fantastic news, especially after all that BS with the sports games only being 30 fps on PS3. wonder what resolution it's gonna run in?

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The story is too old to be commented.