40° A newbie's first hour with Monster Hunter Tri

"To say the series is a phenomenon is a bit of an understatement – this is the biggest new franchise Japan has developed in the last ten years. In its homeland, Monster Hunter sales rival those of big hitters like Final Fantasy, Pokemon and even Dragon Quest. But is Monster Hunter Tri really that big of a deal? You bet it is!"

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Copyright2828d ago

I have a friend playing this game, and he is really enjoying it.

jashwin2828d ago

I don't know..I played on of the monster hunter games on the PSP and I didn't like them. I guess that its like RE5, you need some coop buddies to enjoy the game..

pcz2827d ago

i have never played a game which is (as i see) 'geeky,'like this game. maybe i will hate it and regret buying it, but i'm hoping it does 'grab' me as it has other people.