Killzone Bootcamp - Part 2

As E3 draws even closer, we wait for the news and imagery of Killzone "2 / 3", whatever you want to call it. This is part 2 of Killzoneunit's quick recap of the storyline of Killzone and Killzone Liberation.

In Part 1, the events of the ISA fighting off the Helghast invasion were detailed. In this part, KZU will review the events of Killzone Liberation(PSP). If you haven't played this excellent PSP title yet, be warned spoilers below!

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Rybnik3884d ago

I'm excited. We are now inside 24 hours til' those lucky journalists get to play it for the first time. Hey, BTW, for what its worth, Rumor Reporter Bruce confirms yet again, that KZ2 should be playable at the show, although we (the public) may only see the footage at the press conference..

Mr VideoGames3884d ago

i can't wait until this Game just makes a Huge Dissapointment at E3 haha LMAO the in-Game Graphics are probably not even close to the Cut-Scene images LOL oh man these Trailers are Ridicilous they don't even show the Real Gameplay LOL Sony is so Stupid they haven't even made 1 cent off the PS3 yet LMAO explain that!

soccerstar3883d ago

wow why dont you stop worrying about how much company's are making off of video game consoles and try going outside and running u fat peice of lard
o and by the way nice double chin lol

Creepa at GameManx3883d ago

lol @ #3 You fat fock no on wants to see ur ugly face

Why o why3883d ago

x box division has yet to make profit and wont for a while. Not saying its not good its just ms have been spending since the 1st xbox and havent made profit till now. Thats a long time

nomad1173883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

The microsoft hasn't made a penny of the 360 or the regular xbox for 6 years LMAO explain that! what a troll lol

nomad1173883d ago

you really don't have to act like a A$$ and this game will be amazing it will not be a let down your just telling yourself that and your not right. THIS GAME WILL BE SWEET PERIOD . <------

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The story is too old to be commented.