IGN's PS3 Countdown - Friday to feature Soccom, Uncharted, New Gamecock game.

Day 10 is a game reveal day for IGN's E3 countdown:

"1. I can't say too much about tomorrow's big story on the last Friday before E3, but I can tell you that we've got a Q&A with Sony's Seth Luisi about the company's online-only shooter, SOCOM Confrontation. We'll address some of the most pressing questions we could think of and have new media to go along with it.

2. As an added bonus, we'll also have some new goodies on Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. So it's double day for Sony on the PS3 channel.

3. Yes, there's more. We'll also be unveiling a brand new Gamecock title that nobody has ever heard of before. It has a really interesting premise and looks like a lot of fun. That publishing arm has quite a future, it seems.

4. We'll have an update on THQ's badass Battlefield competitor, Frontlines: Fuel of War. It's looking pretty good, and we'll have some assets to prove it to you.

5. Oh, and something to watch for on our Xbox 360 channel -- a certain company is going to announce a special feature for a cross-platform game that will piss off PS3 fans worldwide. I predict a forum buzz centered on this one. (This is online for Virtua Fighter 5)"

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fenderputty3882d ago

tomorrow. It's like little tidbits of info to rev me up before the the big days ahead.

MK_Red3881d ago

Cool info. Cant wait for the Uncharted and new unannounced game.

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solidt123881d ago

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