Mass Effect 3 confirmed to run on Unreal Engine 3

"BioWare chose UE3 for the Mass Effect because they wanted to make an immersive shooter," says Rein

The next installment of the Mass Effect trilogy will be powered by Unreal Engine 3, Epic vice-president Mark Rein has said.

The popular Unreal Engine 3 has built up a sizable base of licensing support since its 2006 release. The engine stands apart from its predessesors by way of numerous capability advances, including renderer support covering several complex techniques like HDRR, per-pixel lighting and dynamic shadows.

After using it for the first two Mass Effect titles, UE3's impressive tech has convinced Canadian studio BioWare to use it as a base for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

"BioWare chose UE3 for the Mass Effect trilogy because they wanted to make an immersive third-person perspective shooter game with sci-fi environments," Epic VP Mark Rein told Develop, in a feature outlining the use of the Unreal Engine in Mass Effect 2.

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Dance3182d ago

Thank you captain obvious

JsonHenry3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I thought they used UE2.5 or something of the like for the first two ME games. But I guess I am wrong.

NEVER MIND! I was thinking of Bioshock.

Raf1k13182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I'd love to see what they could do with CryEngine 3.

Redempteur3182d ago

It's funny

Even them selves are saying that's it's a shooter rpg
"they wanted to make an immersive shooter,"

yet from time to time you'll find some m**ons claiming that mass effect is not a shooter ...

as for the rest of the article , everything was kinda obvious

RagTagBnd4453182d ago

@ Above
ME1 was an RPG.
ME2 was an RPG-Shooter Hybrid.

raztad3182d ago


I've only played ME1 which I agree is a RPG.

Judging by Bioware representative words ME2 is a shooter with RPG elements. How does it compare to Bioshock for example?

sukru3181d ago

It's actually RPG with heavy shooter elements.

I've played both, and all two are very different from standard shooters. Yes the combat and leveling/upgrading is streamlined, however it's much more story driven, and the game becomes very tactical on Insane mode (you cannot play it as a shooter).

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GR8 13182d ago

Obvious choice Unreal Engine 3 is Head & Shoulders above what ever ps3 First Party Devs use for their games. Take for instance GOW3 Engine it doesn't even manage to run at 60fps it can only mange to run at 720p & 20fps and then u get the pop ups now and then.

Killzone 2 another Engine which runs at a 720p & 20fps which at sometimes makes the game unbearable to play.

Uncharted 2 Engine does have it's ups and downs runs at 720p & 30fps but with screen tearing graphics are bright colors like cartoon nothing mind blowing but it's getting there.

hoops3182d ago

LOL. The Unreal 3 engine old now..unless it is heavily modified, it is no way above the other game engines as of now. As for your claims of 20 fps for those PS3 games...Do you even HAVE a PS3 to make that claim? You are obviously a troll. Please you're just as bad as Saaking and Real killer and the rest. You just give the Xbox36o reach arounds.

zaz123182d ago

I have taken his last bubble

mrv3213182d ago

Screen tearing? When playing Gears of War 2 I though my disc drive drive broke the textures looked BAD... and even after 30 second and the textures to load I waited some more and realised that's it. C'mon 8gigs of data, your not of floppies use the damn space.

Unreal Engine<Guerilla Engine.

Just fact, doesn't ME2 suffer from screen tearing and framerate issues to?

BigPappaPump3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

stop talking like you play ps360 titles. you own neither system. all you do is troll talking pure crap on subjects you know nothing about. N4G comment is your personal GOTY.

Mo0eY3182d ago

It's truly amazing that this kid and I have the same amount of bubbles. Then again, most bots hate me because I'm an intelligent troll. With that and the multiple accounts, I can see how I went from 9 to 1 over the course of three months :D.


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astar1234567893182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

keep smoking what you got!!!

Pennywise3182d ago

Seriously... pass it here. I want to visit lala land.

theunleashed643182d ago

wow and i thought xbots couldn't get any dellusional then this well i guss i was wrong

GiantEnemyCrab3182d ago

This guy speaks for himself and doesn't represent Xbox gamers. His rants are so idiotic that I'm thinking that it's actually not an Xbox owner at all.

Pennywise3182d ago

He is the type of fool that keeps bad blood between the camps.

I think he is a paid employee. Why else would someone be so dedicated to stupidity?

sofocado3182d ago

It would make no sense to use another engine. SC should of used UE3 or Evolution Engine instead of of UE2. Oh well maybe next time.

Major Kanimo3182d ago

uses a heavily modified engine of Unreal 2.5 it is barley the same engine so is me1's and me2's engines i cant wait to see what they can do with unreal 3