Second Assassin's Creed Developer Diary: Artistic Direction

Ubisoft released, after just a few months of waiting, this second developer diary of Assassin's Creed, again commented by Jade Raymond.

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nice_cuppa3885d ago

unkept hair. dull make up. a hooded sweat shirt !

look we care about assassins creed.
but there wont be anything bigger than a demo now until the full game is release.

so forgive me if i watch the last dev diary instead.

so hot !

Violater3885d ago

I was thinking the same thing.
Like they dragged her out of bed and said hey come do this thing.

Kaneda3885d ago

Is she wearing any shirt at all? or just a hoodie?

Real Gambler3885d ago

Would like to see something like this for all the current games under dev.... Jade (and marketing) is doing an awesome job. The more I look at those videos, the more I want the game.

As far as Jade's look, she does look tired, which is likely the case for most Ubisoft employees right now...

Mycococo3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

i went to israel this summer for the second time and all i could think about was how i couldnt wait to play this game. actin a fool in the holy land will be so much fun! this will be epic and a must own. i always wondered what the tip of the hood was all about and now i know and i think his clothes are incredibly clever.
edit:by the way Jade was hot. just cause you just watched a porn with some naked chick doesnt mean every other girl you see on an internet video is going to strip for you. but i wish she

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The story is too old to be commented.