E3 Pre-Event Coverage: Heavenly Sword

Flowing red hair, a short skirt and sexy acrobatics; it doesn't take much to fall for Nariko, the deadly vixen and lead character in Ninja Theory's PlayStation 3 video game, Heavenly Sword. For months, she stood behind other icons, patiently waiting her turn to unleash hell. She did just that at Sony's recent press event, falling waves of heavily armed bad guys and looking hot every step of the way.

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Kokoro4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

They are giving the `demo` to the press. maybe because it will go gold soon. Let`s all cross our fingers!

who the hell is having fun with the disagree button!?!? Yeah I`m not suppose to show my enthusiasm for anything. Fannies!

JIN KAZAMA4029d ago

this game. I cant wait any longer!!

VirusE4029d ago

How the hell is someone going to disagree with his opinion of wanting a game? That is just goofy and shows how childish fanboys can be.

Double-Edged4029d ago

She is hot.
she should fight naked!!!


Nicosia4029d ago

Man you had me @ hot skirt. I think its looks great!

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